A Modern Approach to Auto Service

If you’ve ever owned a car, then you know the feeling of dread and indecision that arises when you hear that pathetic chug-chug-chug of a failed start up. We’ve all been there, turning over the key and just praying that it’ll hold up one more time. In this day and age, a car is an essential service – we don’t know how we can go one day without it and even if we can find a way to part with our car for however long it will take to do the repairs, we have to face the stress of choosing the right place to get the best service. Our cars are a big investment and we want to make sure that we choose to spend our money wisely. Unfortunately, over the years, the automotive service industry has received a bit of a bad rap, leaving many of us unsure as to whether we can really trust what is being offered.

Fortunately, Green Tree Auto Care, currently located on Riddell Rd in Orangeville, is very interested in changing that impression. They believe that modern auto service should be focused on providing the customer with professional, efficient service for a reasonable price. In fact, their motto is “modern, high quality service” with a focus on ensuring that it is better service than you can get anywhere else. They understand the investment that you are putting into your vehicle and want to put the same care that you would into everything they do. For them, it’s about providing the client with the best service possible – and it shows in the way that they run their business, and the quality of their work.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you are probably wondering just what ‘modern” looks like. Well, for Green Tree Auto Care, this means using the technology available to ensure there is a clear, simple and constant communication between not just their staff but, with you, the customer as well. After all, communication is the most important part of any business. They are happy to use text messaging in order to communicate information quickly and easily and they complete digital assessments before every job. What this means is that they are able to send video and/or pictures of your vehicle to any device of your choosing showing you exactly what the problem is and explain what they will do to fix it. This means that not only can you get a clear assessment at any time of the day, no matter what your schedule, but you are able to avoid coming back to the work room, and rearranging your day just to be present in the building. Furthermore, when you receive an invoice from Green Tree Auto Care, there are no short cuts or abbreviations which only those in the industry understand. Every invoice clearly states what work has been done, letting you know exactly what you are paying for, ensuring they leave you with no questions. The focus is always on ensuring that you get the service and respect you deserve. After all, isn’t that what everybody wants?

Green Tree Auto Care opened in Orangeville in 2008, originally on Stewart Court, and moved to their current location about six or seven years ago. While their main business is small trucks, they are a full-service auto center that caters to vehicles of any size. If, however, you’re thinking that you’d love to try their modern approach to automotive care but just can’t get over to Riddell Road, I have good news! This past January they made arrangements to expand to two more locations. Erskine’s Service Centre on Robb Blvd and Roy’s Service Centre on Highway 10. Both of these locations have a long history within their respective communities – something that Green Tree Auto intends to honour. They do not want to erase the business that they are, but rather grow and expand with them. The goal is to bring their modern approach to their already thriving industry – and with everything we’ve already seen, we’re pretty sure that they’re going to succeed.

So, next time that your car won’t start, or you hear a sound that your car most definitely should not be making – there’s no longer any need to panic. You just need to bring it over to Green Tree Auto Care, and let them show you the modern approach to auto service!

Written by: Jillian Kent | Photography: Cory Bruyea

Author: LivingSpaces

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