Menopause and Self-Care

Written by: Kelly Nolan, Avita Weight Loss Clinic

As women age and transition through Peri-Menopause and Menopause, they may begin to experience sudden inexplicable weight gain and other symptoms such as low energy, anxiety, depression, irregular cycles, heavy cycles, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and more.

As our weight and body shape shifts, we can become disheartened and our self- image suffers. During Menopause and Perimenopause our bodies go through large changes.  Our hormones become unbalanced, and our body shows the effects.  Our metabolism may slow down, and our age begins to catch up with us.  We find ourselves beginning to put on weight around the middle, our skin and hair become dryer, our nails and bones may become more brittle and our joint pain increases. Our moods may fluctuate, and our energy levels drop.

Many women exercise regularly and eat clean with little to no success in releasing unwanted weight and little to no control over every 10 lbs that magically appears.  Unbalanced Cortisol and poor sleep only complicate our sudden weight gain even more.

Unfortunately, our journey is often unsupported by the medical system with our desire to understand and seek answers for ourselves. If only we knew how to plan for this transition, we would then probably seek answers in advance in preparation for balancing hormones instead of blindly hoping for the best.

My life changed dramatically in my late 40’s. I started to struggle in my marriage. Having four children, I never put myself first, always leaving my needs to the last. My goals and well-being were always an afterthought. With relationship changes, I started to struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence. In combination with personal life changes, menopause was close by and body image became an issue.

As my first marriage crumbled, I needed to learn how to feel comfortable with being alone.  Carrying this dark secret of a failed marriage, I kept it from family, friends and clients. One day, a good client asked WHY I wasn’t wearing my wedding rings and we both shared our stories. Because of Sue, I started to open my heart to clients, sharing my life experiences with authenticity. It was then, through self-examination, I slowly recognized that the divorce was actually the positive change I needed. Divorce and successful weight loss transitioned me into the next chapter of my life, with renewed hope and self-esteem.

Unfortunately divorce and menopause often occur simultaneously (yet both are a completely natural process) but they do not need to be negative experiences.  There are many daily success habits both morning and evening that can bring us success in dealing with these changes. We can go a long way in supporting this natural process by balancing our hormones through healthy eating, joining a practical accountable weight loss program, getting proper sleep, drinking plenty of water, gentle exercise and daily meditation.  Even simply completing a Saliva Hormone Test can start us on the pathway of success with a guided program to balance all our hormones including thyroid and the adrenal gland.

On a daily basis use simple methods to re-set your mindset to positive thoughts and to be consistent. Focus on what you want, recognizing that there is a great opportunity in every challenge we face and often an incredible solution. Be aware of what you need to accomplish daily to stay on track. Use self-examination and self-awareness to maximize your productivity.

Investing in your health is key. This however requires self-awareness, accountability and commitment. It is incredibly important to focus on yourself, your goals and your dreams. For many of us, we tend to always put our own needs last. When you lack focus, it prevents you from accomplishing all your goals including health, wellness and perhaps even hormone balance. It all begins by envisioning success and creating our own daily success habits. My morning always begins with meditation, 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of light exercise. I purposely avoid my computer and cell phone for the first 90 minutes of my waking day! I write in my gratitude book and review yesterday’s successes and that always shifts my mind to positive.

We will then have the opportunity to use this transition to spend more quality time with family, create  daily success habits, set our intentions for reaching those health goals which we have not yet reached, and educate others about the natural process of aging and its’ benefits. Menopause can be a time of learning and education for everyone.  Now is the time for us to be role models for others to follow, helping them grow and enjoy this beautiful and empowering transition.

This is the time to put ourselves first and reach for our health goals. Start now by committing to investing in your health. Create a community of accountability and challenge yourself to be your best!

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