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When you think of Pollock Pools and Spas in Guelph, you think water specialists. And that’s right. With more than 30 years in business, they are a trusted resource for leisure and lifestyle water experiences, with quality products, installation and service. Among their many offerings, their experienced team helps customers with water products, to maintain the care of their pools and spas, including testing water for issues such as pH alkalinity, calcium, as well as metals: iron, copper and Manganese.

But water isn’t just for pleasure – water is for life. Like the benefits of pools and spas for healthy living, the benefits of quality drinking water are essential to us all. So, it was a natural fit for Pollock Water to add the AVIVE ™ Healthy Water System to their services. In fact, it was a conscious choice. Concerned about water quality, sustainability and the environmental impact of bottled water, the team at Pollock Water believe AVIVE ™ is pioneering in their technology and on tap to make a positive change in the lives of their customers.

Water is used for everything from drinking and cooking to showering and laundry. While we are fortunate to have access to safe drinking water throughout Guelph and Wellington County, issues like well contamination from recent floods or the complaints of some municipal water users about odour and taste of their water has people seeking solutions such as water filtration, reverse osmosis and various other treatment technologies. Some bypass the taps altogether and buy water. Why pay extra for water when you are already paying for it at home? AVIVE ™ helps you work with what you have – making it better for your family.

It’s about peace of mind. AVIVE ™ aims to revitalize and transform your tap water into healthy water that is oxygen-rich, clean and free of harmful chemicals, working to treat many of the challenges faced by both hard and soft water. It provides an effective alternative to chlorine in water treatment, as a disinfection ingredient. The AVIVE ™ Healthy Water System uses stabilized hydrogen peroxide, a natural element to both the environment and your body, to “oxygenate” water, restoring it to its natural, healthy state. Hydrogen peroxide has been in your household medicine cabinet for generations. Hydrogen peroxide’s chemical formula is H2O2, which is water – H2O – with an extra oxygen molecule bonded to it. What could be better for water than extra oxygen?

This is done utilizing the certified Huwa-San ® Peroxide (HSP). The proprietary process combines food grade hydrogen peroxide with a minute and safe amount of soluble silver ions (4-5 ppb) to give HSP its stability. This stabilization process enables HSP to work over a greatly extended period, multiplying the effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide. Backed by science, thorough research and proven in testing, Huwa-San Technology is certified as a Drinking Water Standard 60 by NSF, Certified by Ecocert Canada. AVIVE™ is also the 2015 Clean50 People’s Choice Award Winner and the 2016 Water Canada Water’s Next National Drinking Water Award Winner – both top-tier awards for innovation in healthy water treatment.

The agricultural sector can also benefit from AVIVE’s ™ technology, which has been credited with improving herd health and increasing milk production by 14%. The proof is in the amount of water the herd drinks. Using low concentrations, HSP provides an effective, affordable and safe water treatment system. No other peroxide can prove this claim. AVIVE ™ is not just for homes – it’s a water system that generates Healthy Water out of every tap on the farm too. From livestock to crops, clean water is essential to the health of your farm. It’s an investment worth making.

Ensuring the water from your tap is healthy requires the pipes to be free of bacteria and bio-film that naturally occur over time. AVIVE™ does a superior job of disinfection, creating a water system that is good for your pipes and fixtures too. From well water to municipal water, this system maintains a residual in distribution, and delivers effective pathogen control throughout your home’s plumbing infrastructure, including hot water heaters. We know what hard water, calcium and lime can do to the equipment and household fixtures we run water through. Making them work more efficiently with water that helps them function is good overall. This is something Pollock Water understands, as they sell, install and re-bed water softeners and iron filters and see firsthand the way these units undergo the challenges of our hard water. With innovative technology, AVIVE ™ ensures healthy water flows from every tap in your home.

Pollock Water chose this innovative water treatment system because it meets their integrity standards for offering a positive product to benefit the lives of their customers.

AVIVE ™ was introduced to them by SanEcoTec Ltd, a Canadian company, family-owned and operated, renowned for their innovation in natural and sustainable technologies. SanEcoTec Ltd. has a mission to create healthy water programs for communities from the most remote regions to the most populated, including improving water quality in the agricultural sector and healthcare too. They have achieved their environmental targets with the AVIVE ™ Healthy Water System by ensuring it provides improvements in the efficiency of water distribution, the productivity of water usage and adheres to sustainability best practices.

Affordable and accessible, the AVIVE ™ Healthy Water System ranges in price starting from $1899.00 (before installation), with a HSP refill based on usage, averaging replacement at 9-12 months. AVIVE ™ costs less to operate than conventional water treatment methods. And if you are still buying your water by the bottle, the savings are more than just financial.

The team at Pollock Water have been trained to install the AVIVE™ Healthy Water System, ensuring their customers professional service and support. To see the system for yourself and get more information, visit their showroom at 61 Victoria Road South in Guelph.

While you’re there, be sure to walk back into the brand new Hot Tub showroom and see how they’ve grown to accommodate even more quality pools and spas on display. You’ll see why they love water and want to be sure you do too.

Courtesy of: The Wellington Advertiser

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