Colloidal Silver … Armour for the Atom

Written by: Nathalie McNeill, Fountain Head Health Store, Fergus

For thousands of years silver has been known to have restorative and preservative properties and was used worldwide in many cultures such as the Ancient Greeks, the Roman Empires, Druids, Chinese, Australians, and many more. Around the 1800’s western scientists again discovered the properties of this powerful germ fighter and silver became a commonly used medicine to combat infectious diseases. In the 1900’s silver lost favour due to the introduction of new wonder drugs such as antibiotics.  Even today in my research I have discovered many main stream medical sites including the Mayo Clinic which emphatically states “Colloidal silver is not considered safe or effective for any health claims manufacturers make “they also claim” …that there are no sound scientific studies to evaluate those health claims which have been published. They go on to claim that colloidal silver may be “harmful” and cause a build-up causing Argyria, a blue grey discoloration of the skin.

I beg to differ!  During my search for the truth about colloidal silver I have come across an amazing product known as SilverSol Technology® produced by an extremely reputable company. American Biotech Labs has perfected and patented one of the most effective techniques to create truly stable colloidal silver. This company holds over 500 independent studies and tests on their products. They have been investigated by sixty private, USA government, military, and university labs. These studies, might I suggest, would be interesting reading for the many naysayers to acquaint themselves with this ground-breaking technology. Their research has shown beyond doubt the effectiveness of colloidal silver against dangerous bacterial infections; such as, MSRA, VRE, Malaria, H5N1 Bird Flu, HIV, Hepatitis B viral infections, influenza A, and many more.

There are many companies selling “colloidal silver” with websites touting their products and using flawed science and misleading statements to sell their products. The chemistry and physics of colloidal silver is somewhat complicated, but I will try to explain the science behind this amazing element. The best place to start is to explain the difference between ionic and colloidal nano silver. Since these terms have become blurred, possibly even interchangeable, problems have definitely occurred.

Ionic silver is the most common type of silver supplement. It is composed of silver ions Ag+ dissolved in water making a solution. Silver ion is an atom of silver missing one electron making it a positive ion at a measurement of less than one nanometer. Colloidal silver is composed of nano particles ranging from1 nanometer to 100 nanometers, these particles being suspended in water. They are larger than ions and will not pass through a semi permeable membrane. This is an important point as silver ions will pass through the semi permeable membrane as they are a solution not a colloid. Colloids cannot be seen using a normal microscope, but using an electron microscope one can see that they are suspended particulate in the way that they refract light, something that a solution does not do. It is concentrations of these nano particles that have the power to kill bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses. American Biotech Labs has perfected the technology that they have developed, and patented it to produce one of the most effective nano technologies in the world. Their patented molecule known as Nanometallic Tetrasilver Tetraoxide (Ag4O4) has eight times the ability of ionic silver to attack and destroy all manner of dangerous pathogens. How this works is again rather complicated, however, one can rest assured that my research leaves me in no doubt as to its ability to kill numerous bacteria, fungi and viruses. Its modus operandum combines many disruptive and effective weapons that prevent the replication of messenger RNA, while breaking the membrane of harmful bacteria and fungus, such as candida, to destabilize their structure to ensure that the disease cannot spread.

These nano particles are not metabolized by the body and are excreted by the liver and kidneys within twenty-four hours. They have been proven in several human ingestion studies not to kill the body’s “friendly bacteria” and do not inhibit their growth in any way. An extensive study on its effects is available at the Fountainhead courtesy of American Biotech Labs. Peer-reviewed published data suggest that ionic silver will begin to kill probiotics as small as 3ppm.

Concerning these other silver solutions please be aware that there are imitations out there! By definition, a true silver colloidal silver must have a nanoparticle content of over 50%. The term colloid means silver particles in suspension not silver ions in solution. The positive ionic charge of ionic silver barely survives as it passes through the stomach where the hydrochloric acid causes the positive silver ions to combine with the chloride ions creating an insoluble silver salt. When successfully passed, its one and only charge allows it to affect one single bacteria one time.  Some of the products of the companies I have dealt with have been tested and have proved to contain less nanoparticles than needed to meet the requirements of the term colloidal silver. So please make sure when you are purchasing a silver supplement it is not merely ionic silver but the much more effective colloidal silver suspension.

Through brand research and customer feedback here at the Fountain Head Health Store we recommend Silver Biotics products from American Biotech Labs, with their patented nano colloidal silver technology (think armour for the atom). They have conducted thorough research studies and have a documented history of providing effective remedies.  Imagine killing a yeast infection within 15 minutes without harming probiotics!

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