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Let’s have a conversation about beauty. I am happy for the opportunity to give my opinion on this subjective topic and for those who know me, you know that I do love to give my opinion (I am grinning while writing this). The reality is that I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t have a personal and professional view on what beauty is. After all, I am in the industry of making clients feel beautiful.

Here is what I think:

  • Beauty is confidence.
  • Beauty is being healthy and strong.
  • Beauty is kindness and grace.
  • Beauty is taking care of you.
  • Beauty is caring for others.
  • Beauty is liking who you are and how you present yourself to the world.

After being in the Aesthetic industry for over 10 years I have seen women who are unhappy with their appearance, they are frustrated or dissatisfied with their appearance. Some feel the urge to compare themselves to someone in the media and wish for that “look”. I understand that feeling. I have fallen prey to that way of thinking for decades, “If I can just lose that pesky weight, get rid of all the wrinkles, try and look like a reality TV star”, etc. life will be perfect. I will feel some control over these changes I see appear every year that goes by. The dilemma is that we know that way of thinking doesn’t really work. No matter how many hair style photos of movie stars that I take to my hair stylist, I still come out looking like me but with nice hair. How do we change our way of thinking? I propose that we rethink and reframe.

What makes you feel beautiful?

I am serious…what makes you love your appearance? A good nights sleep? A fabulous hug from a family member; human or pet? A great workout? Healthy diet? Actually taking your vitamins instead of moving the bottles out of your way? New shoes (I had to throw that in)? Fresh hair colour? A medispa treatment? A new mascara or lipstick? What gives YOU the energy to propel yourself through the day with confidence?

If you answer these questions by looking at images of other women and comparing yourself – STOP. No, really, stop.

Ask yourself is that image real? With filters on our phones and photoshop who knows what is real and what isn’t. Fortunately we are living in an exciting time where magazines are starting to showcase women of all sizes, ages and colour. I am looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. Here is to celebrating all of our unique qualities at all stages of life.

It is true that aesthetic treatments are about external appearances. BUT, when you do something for yourself ( pedicure, facial, hair style, filler, makeup etc.), that highlights or enhances a feature and makes it more beautiful to you, I would wager that you feel more confident, pretty, beautiful, and of course, Confidence IS a Beautiful Thing.

The Aesthetic industry does make a positive beauty difference by promoting healthy vibrant skin. Exposure to time, environment, stress, hormones, or medication will contribute to our bodies changing. These exposures accelerate the natural aging process. There is no fountain of youth but there are strategies and treatments that can really help slow the process down, giving you a sense of control over the effects of time while keeping you looking natural. Before carrying on, I do want to take a moment to clarify that a youthful appearance does not mean looking young again. Returning to our youth is not the goal. Looking 5-10 years younger is something that I think most women over 50 would be very happy with. I know that appeals to me. So what does a youthful appearance look like?

It is healthy, glowing, refreshed, rejuvenated and protected skin at any age.

How can you protect skin? Wear sunscreen, use a therapeutic grade Vitamin C serum, avoiding tanning beds, wear hats, and reapply sunscreen when you are out for longer than 90 minutes.

What is healthy skin? It is doing all of the above plus living a healthy lifestyle. Diet DOES impact the skin. Sugar is an example of a common item that can have a negative impact on skin. Some people also have food triggers that contribute to breakouts, rosacea & eczema. This is an area where a dietician, family physician or naturopath can help.

Exercise is also a way to improve the appearance of your skin. Moving the body and getting your heart pumping keeps your blood moving to get nutrients and oxygen to your skin providing a beautiful healthy glow. So get a move on and “get your beauty on”!

How can you promote a beautiful healthy and vibrant appearance as you move gracefully from one year to the next? Follow all of the above recommendations and take some time and meet with a skin spa therapist at your favourite spa. Ask them to do a skin assessment and make some simple recommendations. Take care of you.


Written By: Sue Wagner, Skin by Mosaic/Mosaic Spa

Author: LivingSpaces

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