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Are You Skin Treatment Confused?

In our modern lives we tend to expect instant gratification & instant “fixes”. This may even extend to our idea of what beauty or rejuvenation looks like. With images of longer lashes, larger lips and puffier cheeks bombarding us from TV and magazine covers, we can be made to think that this is what we need to do to feel confident in our own beauty.

In our impatience and haste we tend to forget the essentials of taking care of our skin.

I love some of the treatments that you see featured on social media sites, magazines and TV, but putting the cart before the horse is never a reasonable plan. Beautiful pouty lips can be lovely but even lovelier on skin that is healthy and glowing. Microbladed brows and lash extensions are impactful but even more so when the skin around the treated area is smooth and hydrated.

With so many treatment options being offered and advertised, how do you know what to do?

Are you skin treatment confused?

I recently had a client say to me that she has no idea what she should be doing to help her feel confident in looking her best. What DO you focus on?

I think the goal at every age of life is to have healthy refreshed and proper functioning skin. Remember that our skin IS an organ and has an important job to do: protecting from bacteria, viruses and foreign material from getting into the body. When you remember this fact, it really is a no brainer that you want to keep your skin as healthy and protected as you can. This can start with healthy therapeutic facial treatments.

Knowing what kind of skin treatment can be confusing. Do you need mechanical or chemical exfoliation? Is your skin dehydrated or dry? This is where a skin expert can help. Book a consultation with a clinic that does a variety of treatments and which is able to provide a customized treatment plan. When procedures are tailored to you, you can expect results.

It is generally recommended that an effective exfoliating facial treatment should be done every season change. Skin has different needs at different times of the year and at different ages. Sometimes there is an urge to head straight into invasive treatments before taking care of the appearance and strength of the skin. Understanding what happens to our skin and appearance at different ages helps determine the course of treatments.


20’s Looking great in this decade. Focus on prevention and protection from sun damage. The face already has an ample amount of natural fullness to it and therefore there is no need to consider fillers since the underlying structures have yet to be affected by the aging process. Diving into injections with a filler can actually make you look older. Botox for prevention MAY be an option if you notice that you are genetically predisposed to or if you are overusing those muscles on a regular basis (frowning muscles).

30’s Some changes may be noticeable in areas where there is overuse of muscle contraction causing lines to permanently stay. Using Botox can help slow down the buildup of these permanent lines (ex frown lines and crow’s feet). Having injections like filler done before you see the signs of aging can cause you to look drastically different and does not mean it will make you look good. Overdone lips can look odd and stiff and not move in a natural way. Unnecessary filler to the cheeks makes them look overdone, out of proportion and odd looking, adding years on to your actual age. A powerful non-invasive treatment for this decade is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. These treatments stimulate new collagen production helping to hold back the hands of time. Regular maintenance with this treatment can help you greet your 40’s without dread of looking older. Products with antioxidants, broad spectrum sunscreen and hyaluronic acid for hydration is important.

40’s The face begins to lose some fat and tissue changes become more noticeable. Dynamic wrinkles are more prominent. Treatment option include Botox for treatment of overused frowning, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles and Filler to restore the facial volume that has been lost. These treatments give way to a natural rejuvenated look. CAUTION, adding too much Filler throws off the balance of the face AND DOES NOT enhance your appearance. Do not be influenced by unrealistic images in the media. You want to look like you, not some reality TV personality.

Radio frequency Skin Tightening and mild Resurfacing Treatments are very impactful in this decade. Prevention and correction can be achieved. Products to stimulate cellular turnover and to protect from DNA damage is recommended along with antioxidant serum and sunscreen. Using an eye cream with firming peptides is also recommended.

50’s AND UP The face continues to deflate, fat pads decrease more, bone density decreases. Dynamic wrinkles become more permanent. Fillers during this decade are a powerful non- surgical tool to turn back the clock. The key is having appropriate expectations.

It is also just as important to address skin texture and colour. Pigmentation, or sunspots/patches, make the face appear more sunken because the light is not evenly reflected off the skin. IPL & Resurfacing Treatments are definitely an excellent option. Skin Tightening treatments also key during this time. Products with skin brighteners, firming peptides, antioxidants and sunscreens are good ideas.

What does all of this mean?

Genetics, sun exposure and lifestyle play a huge role in how our appearance changes with age.

First step is to ALWAYS use a potent antioxidant serum and broad spectrum sunscreen, remembering to re-apply sunscreen with prolonged exposure.

As for the changes in skin texture & colour, and generalized laxity & wrinkles, these can be addressed with IPL, Lasers, Radio Frequency Resurfacing and Skin Tightening. A treatment regime with these procedures can definitely improve the appearance of the skin helping to erase years.

Fillers and Botox done in appropriate amounts and strategically placed can give you a natural rejuvenated and youthful appearance. The focus is to keep your natural look but appear more refreshed and rested.

Aging is inevitable and you cannot stop it but you can limit its effects. Talk to an expert who provides a variety of treatments and have a conversation. Make sure you are comfortable with their style of treatment and injecting. Ask about side effects and possible complications as well as to how they will deal with potential complications.

Information is power and getting your questions answered is the first step in taking control of your skin care needs. Be confident in your beauty. It may not be an instant fix that is recommended but it will be the best one for you.

Written By: Sue Wagner, Rn, Owner Of Mosaic Spa, Fergus

and Skin By Mosaic, Orangeville

Author: LivingSpaces

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