Where Does the Time Go?!!

Written by: Sue Wagner, RD – Mosaic Spa, Fergus | Skin By Mosaic, Orangeville

I don’t know about you but when I looked at the calendar I screamed in horror, I really did. WHERE DOES TIME GO?!! I am not done my “to do list” from August!!!

So much of our day is spent trying to catch up on everything. We desperately seek some sense of control over our environment our bodies & our mind. Throw kids in the mix and get ready for the sense of panic while we search for even more control so we can keep them safe, healthy and happy.

I do not know why I keep deluding myself into thinking I can slow down time and kidding myself that I will ever get my to do list done. The wisest suggestion is to embrace this wild ride of life, control what you can and accept what you cannot. But I am not always wise so I will continue to bite off more than I can chew and chastise myself for not getting it all done. I do work towards the day where I am more reasonable (this may take a while).

Looking in the mirror at the end of the day and I realize that time is moving along no matter how much I try and hold it back. Soon it will be party and entertaining season and I am going to wonder how I let myself get to a state of looking older than I feel?

The practical side of me says, ok, what can we do to at least look the age we feel? The obvious… a good night’s sleep, adequate water intake, diet and exercise, healthy lifestyle choices, checking in with our family doctor to check on blood pressure and preventative care. Go to some therapy sessions if you are having a rough patch, it is powerful to hear someone objectively helping you work through a problem or roadblock. Buy a proper fitting bra. Shop for a pair of jeans that fit you now and not 10 pounds from now. There is also the happiness factor. The advice that I have gleaned from various sources say stop comparing yourself to others, this is where social media is not helpful. Nobody’s life is as perfect as the posts make it seem. Be grateful every day for what we have and worry less about what we do not have. Give back through charities and donate time to a cause you believe in. Spend time with people you care about.

Again I keep telling myself, take control over what you can and let go of what you can’t. If I say it enough I WILL start to practice what I preach.

Our appearance is something we can have some control over. Our number of years on this earth is concrete but we do not have to look it. Basic steps to stop the clock include preventative skin damage. Daily use of broad spectrum sunscreen and of an L-ascorbic acid serum (vitamin C) slows down oxidative damage to the skin. Congested, dull, dehydrated and flaky skin can be revitalized with peels and microdermabrasion. Unwanted chin hairs (argh, thank you hormones) can be controlled with Laser Hair Removal. Correction of sunspots, muddy looking skin, redness and veins can be diminished with an IPL treatment. Saggy, lax, droopy jowls can be lifted with series of Radio Frequency Facial treatments. Acne scars, large pores, rough texture deep and fine lines can be greatly reduced with fractional radio frequency treatments. Tired, angry expressions can be softened with cosmetic Botox. Deflated cheeks, saggy jowls, disappearing lips can be naturally and softly restored with Filler. Pockets of fat & loose skin on the body can be smoothed and firmed with Radio Frequency Body Contouring.

The beautiful part is you can choose the degree of control over your appearance that you want. Today we have access to safe and effective technology. All it takes is to gather information and decide what you want to do to take control. Remember, embrace what you cannot change but there is nothing wrong with fighting against the rest.

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