Ask the Beauty Expert: Skincare Trends 2021

After 2020, a train wreck of a year, we began to adapt to being our own hair stylist and aesthetician. We were hopeful that 2021 would have us back in the salon, spa & cosmetic clinics but we found that we still needed to continue to rely on our own resourcefulness. Professional treatments grinding to a halt in 2020 strongly influenced 2021 skin care trends. We see a return to the basics with an emphasis on prevention, skin repair and a fresh natural look. Accepting our unique quirks and style is what this year is going to be all about. Consulting with skin care experts to help meet skin care goals will be routine. Guessing, hoping and blindly spending money on pretty packaging and catchy advertising will be less common. Seeking advice from skin care experts, however, will likely become more of a norm.

Popular gold standard skin care ingredients of the past, specifically vitamin C and retinol, will continue to dominate. Medical grade quality and concentration of these ingredients will be important factors to consider.

Another resurgence will be professional treatments by trusted skin care experts with a focus on restoration from months of neglect brought on by 2020. Skin care recommendations by TikTok and Instagram influencers will be left behind. They are not the experts and most of the time lead to harming the skin.

Injectable treatments will be influenced by the natural minimalist look. Subtle will be the goal. The “overtly” done look will be replaced by subtle tweaks, focusing on the quality of the skin, naturally shaped lips, cheeks and jawlines. Neuromodulators (Botox, etc.) will be used not to look “frozen” but refreshed. Individuals looking to rejuvenate will worry less about every single wrinkle and focus more on how their appearance portrays how they feel on the “inside”.

Treatments that incorporate IPL and Lasers will be used to restore and repair the skin so makeup can be used to enhance and NOT to cover up. Gone are the days of caking on the foundation. Show off your healthy looking skin.

With an increase in ZOOM calls, more people are seeking ways to lift and tighten their faces after seeing themselves so often on screens. Skin tightening treatments using radiofrequency and microneedling will be popular.

Body Treatments will be in demand, this includes NECK AND CHEST. Now that we are more educated in taking care of our face, 2021 will be a time to get the skin on our bodies in better shape. Products that include exfoliants to deal with poor texture as well as skin firming Radio Frequency Treatments and Fractional Resurfacing will be in demand.

On a practical and not so pleasant note, 2020 and 2021 brought about unprecedented skin care concerns. The big one was “maskne” a term borne from the correlation between face coverings and breakouts. This unpleasant and disheartening condition can be helped by using products that are gentle and support the skin barrier from the friction of the mask. Reinforcing the skin barrier and using products that kill acne causing bacteria are beneficial. Using Broad Band Light technology targeting acne bacteria is helpful in controlling bad breakouts. IPL and Laser treatments for redness and blotchiness will aid in skin surface corrections related to acne and breakouts. When lockdowns are not forcing personal care services to be closed, professional facial treatments that gently exfoliate and nourish the skin, gentle extractions and deep hydration are key. Homecare products tailored to your skin type will help in the battle. Over exfoliating is as bad as not exfoliating. Many clinics are offering online or phone consultations during lockdown and complimentary consultations when they are open.

In 2021 listen for the term “Inflammaging”, a hybrid of “inflammation” and “aging”. It is the new buzz word. It is believed that chronic, low grade inflammation causes skin to age more rapidly breaking down collagen and elastin, robbing the skin of its glow and plumpness. Sun exposure, smoking and poor diet are some of the factors that enhance inflammation. Sunscreen, antioxidant serums and radio frequency collagen stimulating treatments are major players in controlling inflammation and counteracting inflammaging.

With many of us becoming our own self care experts we have become more conscious of how ingredients are sourced, where they are made and the mission of the brand we use. Consumers are getting smarter and more aware of what they are applying to their faces. In 2021 we will see an emphasis on being informed about the best products to streamline an effective and efficient skin care program.


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