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Invest in your skin. Does that sound weird? I bet you have a shelf full of products that you thought were a good investment. The miracle wrinkle cream. The magic wand over acne. The foundation that says it will erase years away. Did they live up to the hype? Most of the time they do not or maybe they do, for a little while, and then they do not seem to do what they promised. Just as “one size fits all” is a lie (and boy is THAT a lie), the same thing applies to skin care. Everyone is different. Different lifestyle. Different genetic makeup. Different skin care goals. Different health history. Different diet. Different stress level and response. Different age, etc. I think you get the picture.

When you go to the skin care counter, the abundance of choices can make you feel overwhelmed. You are left wondering what is best for you to purchase? What is going to have the biggest impact on your skin health and appearance?

Don’t forget to factor in the influence that fancy packaging, catch phrases and commercials will have on your decision. Social media influencers & Bloggers also seem to be a factor in people’s decisions in what they buy. I think it is worth mentioning that many of those influencers and bloggers get reimbursement for talking about products. Hopefully their websites and posts offer that disclaimer. Something to consider.

I recommend doing a bit of research first. It really only makes sense when you think of the incredible job that our skin has to perform. Your skin is the barrier between you and the elements. It keeps pathogens out and hydration and everything else in. It provides a canvas for us to put makeup on, dress it up, go natural, tattoo, etc. We want our skin to be as healthy and attractive as possible. We want to look in the mirror and like what we see.

What is the smartest way to start investing wisely in your skin?

For a real investment, the first step is figuring out what your skin needs. This can vary between individuals based on some of the factors that I listed earlier. How do you best collect skin care data required to make an informed decision?

Find a skin care professional and have them look at your skin. Utilize any skin analysis technology to take a look at what is going on below the skins surface. Answer their questions. Talk to them about your concerns and your skin care goals. Gather the information they provide. Create a skin care regime together that makes sense to you and that can fit into your budget.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Not sure what your skin care goals are? Start with basic skin health and skin damage prevention with sunscreen. Everyone needs a sunscreen, that is a no brainer, but what is the best sunscreen for you? Should it be chemical free? Tinted? Hydrating or mattifying appearance? Would powder form work for you? One that is also a primer? One for the summer and one for the winter? Again, you can find yourself faced with too many choices, but there are skin care professionals available to help. Take the moment to make an appointment, ask your questions, get their professional advice. Invest and support your skin so it can continue to do its amazing and important job of protecting you.

I recommend choosing products that are medical or pharmaceutical grade. What this means is that the quality and concentration of the active ingredients are equivalent to the quality of ingredients used for medications. It means that they are results driven and scientifically studied. It also means that the consistency of results will always be the same with each product. No matter how many times you buy the same product, it will be exactly the same.

Many times these medical grade skin care products are multipurpose, meaning one product does the job of 2 or more separate products. It also means you need to use less. The price tag may be higher but when you add up all of the drug store skin care products along with the multiple steps required, you may find the cost is close to the same. You may also be pleasantly surprised to find that the daily time commitment is less, making it more likely you will continue using the products and not start to cheat.

Another bonus when using these levels of products, a skin care program does not have to be all from the same skin care line. This provides more options when it comes to creating a customized skin care protocol.

Something else to consider as a huge benefit from getting a professional skin assessment, is you will get recommendations for skin care treatments and procedures along with product recommendations. Exploring these options provides a potent synergistic program that provides serious and beautiful results. For example, is sun damage making you look older and less vibrant? Get an IPL Photo-facial, start on a brightening antioxidant serum and appropriate sunscreen and you will discover clearer, fresher shadow free appearance. This is the kind of investment advice you can explore.

Discover what YOUR customized and results driven treatment plan would be. Book a skin assessment and consultation with a skin care clinic and start investing in you. Afterall, your skin works hard for you, don’t you think it deserves some special care?

Written by: Sue Wagner, Mosaic Spa

Author: LivingSpaces

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