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The world is moving quickly these days. With the expansion of cities and the increase of a culture that favours the quick, the easy and the accessible, it seems that certain things have often gone by the wayside in the name of modernity. To some people, quality might be on this list. Yet, we’re starting to realize that “easier” isn’t always “better”. The problem, however, comes with where can we go to find the quality we crave? When someone mentions organic, what often comes to mind are chic (and expensive) boutique and novelty stores in big cities. While many of us can see the advantages of this way of growing our product, it just doesn’t feel practical in our fast-paced lives. I’m here to tell you, however, that good, healthy and nutritious fruits, produce and plants aren’t as far away as you think. In fact, all you need is a short drive to Gerrie’s Garden Centre and Farm Market on Colburn St in Elora.

A long-established farm and store, Gerrie’s has been active in the community since the farm was bought by Harvey Gerrie in 1948. Since then it has gone through two generations, now being left in the caring and steady hands of Harvey’s children and grandchildren. Despite the passage of time, their commitment to producing good quality products for the Elora community and beyond has not waned – but rather, it has grown! Everything produced by the Gerries themselves bares the “Gerrie Grown” logo; a logo which was, in fact, designed by the family a few years ago to proudly announce their commitment to producing nutritious food naturally. Essentially what that logo promises is everything that the Gerries grow is 100% organic; yes, this means more work on their part, but they truly don’t mind. To the Gerries it is the quality that matters; a little more work is worth it to offer good, nutritious products.

Don’t worry though, anything that doesn’t bare the Gerrie’s logo, is still farm fresh. Collected from local farms and companies, care has gone into selecting good suppliers and maximizing quality, even if the Gerries themselves haven’t had a direct hand in producing it. Even their oils, coconut and olive, which come from the Philippines and Greece respectively, are taken directly from farms, and they work closely with local companies to ensure that they’re still coming fresh and pure from their farms to your table. To the Gerrie family, quality is the name of the game, and nothing is too much to ensure that quality is what you will always receive from them.

If you’re more of a hands-on person, their garden centre is a must stop for everything that you need to grow good healthy plants yourself. Although Harvey’s nursery started with trees and shrubs, they now tend to focus more on annuals, fruits and vegetables. With the expansion of their greenhouses in 2019, they also have more room to cater to your gardening needs. Far from being afraid of cutting into their own produce business, they truly wish to encourage more people to go back to growing their own fruits and vegetables, getting that much closer to fresh, handpicked food.

As they now sell both seeds and plants, they are well equipped to help you grow your garden from any stage of its life. This includes a great variety of soils, composts and fertilizers to help you enrich the soil, and the plant in turn. It’s important, to both the Gerrie family and for your plants, that you start with good, strong soil, as this is what will allow your garden to grow, giving your plants the nutrients that maximize their flavour and health benefits. With customers coming from all over the area, as far as Alliston, Harriston, and the London region for example, for new plants every spring, it’s certainly no surprise that Gerrie’s, whether it’s in produce or garden care, is serving out quality every time.

So, next time that you find yourself disappointed with the quality of your supermarket veggies and find yourself wishing that there was a better way to get high quality products, remember that there is! Gerrie’s Garden Centre and Farm Market is just waiting for you, a short drive away in Elora. I know that I’ll be there, so, really, only one question remains: Will you?

Written By: Jillian Kent | Photos: Gerrie’s Garden Centre Farm Market

Author: LivingSpaces

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