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I’d like to share the story of a catering business that has been serving clients within Dufferin county for the better part of 25 years. I’m talking about Absolute Catering. Beth Vincer, a local girl, attended O.D.S.S as a student. Her part time job was working in the kitchen of “The Millcroft Inn” when the art of cooking became a passion for Beth. Learning the culinary excellence that was required for her position as Garde Manger led her on the path she has followed and created a sought-after name in catering excellence within our community and the GTA.

When Beth started Absolute Catering, being a mother of two young boys and an entrepreneur, she took on a lot at a very young age, working tirelessly to become one of the top caterers in a very competitive local market and has grown her brand over the years. She has built long standing relationships with business and corporation owners, brides to be, and families who have come to rely on her for special gatherings. Her attention to detail and communication with her clients is paramount. Making certain her clients are happy, has made “Absolute Catering” a top name for catering in the area. As a customer of Absolute Catering, I’ve seen the looks on friend’s faces as they enjoy some of the great meals Absolute Catering has prepared for my gatherings over the years. The accolades for the food were wonderful; guests were elated when the meal was unveiled. The conversation always quickly turned to who was the caterer who made this fabulous meal, and of course without hesitation I would say “Absolute Catering”!

Now turning a new leaf, with all the demands that are put on our day to day schedules, running kids to sports, working late and commuting, Beth saw a window to service her customers even better, to give customers her special recipe dishes to enjoy fresh or frozen at home, just heat and serve! Buying back some time out of their hectic day!

Beth’s location is easily accessible from Hwy #10, just north of Orangeville to allow local patrons, commuters and cottagers to pick up fresh or frozen entrees, locally grown, fresh-made salads with homemade dressings and desserts. You can drop by to pick up dinner for tonight or stock up for the week, there’s always lots of variety in the freezers and coolers. Call ahead and your order can be packed and ready when you get there. This is a great idea for heading to the cottage for that late arrival, bringing a dish to a gathering, and of course different sizes are available. Whatever your culinary needs are, I’m certain Beth can make your meal planning a great success!

Written by: Elaine Stone

Author: LivingSpaces

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