Fish Bowl Santa Claus


  • Artificial snow
  • 2 Fish bowls
  • Mini village accessories
  • Ribbon
  • Snowman hat or card stock and felt
  • Hot glue gun


I already had all of these items from previous years so this craft was very easy & inexpensive. It’s a good way to transform your village accessories into something new.

Put a little artificial snow in the bottom of one of the fish bowls and then decorate with some mini village accessories.

Place the second bowl on top (if it doesn’t sit properly you may need to glue them together) and decorate with accessories.

Use ribbon as a scarf.

If you don’t have a small snowman hat from previous decorations, you can make one using card stock and felt.

Cut a piece of card stock the height you want for the hat. Make a cylinder with the card stock and glue the ends together. Cut out the brim and top of the hat from the card stock and cover with black felt (it’s easier to cover each section and then glue them together). Embellish with a piece of ribbon & poinsettia.

Author: LivingSpaces

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