Oskar Ciejek, Entrepreneur and Motivational Leader, envisions the best in people and works with them to boost their self-esteem and attain an image of confidence that will help them prosper in today’s world.

“One of my goals in life is to help younger generations who want to achieve more,” he says.

So, it does make sense that Oskar Ciejek, the entrepreneur, is in the business of restoring a vehicle’s condition and making it more presentable to the automotive world.

He is the owner of two auto detailing shops: OCD Auto Care in Orangeville, ON and Gold Coast Automotive in Kelowna, BC.

Oskar’s passion led him to the acquisition of a 2008 Porsche Cayman S and after a series of modifications he has elevated his pet Porsche to serve a dual purpose. The showcase vehicle is so eye catching, it has become a marketing tool for his businesses.

“If I didn’t have this car in Kelowna, a lot of contracts and business I have now probably wouldn’t have happened,” he figures.

“I used to be a BMW fanatic,” Oskar recalls, “but I always wanted a Porsche. In 2016, something just clicked and I said “I’m gonna buy a Porsche.’” Living in Orangeville at the time, his research led him to drive his state-of-the-art BMW to Toronto and trade it in for a white Cayman S.

In the Porsche world, there is some friction between the owners of the Porsche 911 brand and Cayman drivers, Since the 911 was the car that initially brought Porsche to prominence in the high-end sports car market and the Cayman came later, the conflict could be regarded as one between the traditionalists and the reformists.

The main difference between the Porsche 911 and the Cayman comes down to the location of the engine. The 911 has an air-cooled, opposed-cylinder engine hanging behind the rear axle. The Cayman, on the other hand, has the engine located ahead of the rear axle. The mid-engine design of the Cayman has the advantage, here. It has superior balance and weight distribution compared to the 911, which benefits sports car owners who tend to want to drive fast with more precision.

It should also be pointed out that just about every flashy sports car in the world uses a mid-engine design, including Porsche’s Carrera GT and 918 Spyder models.

Oskar says he is “a little indifferent” to the 911/Cayman standoff. In fact, as his family grows in the future, he sees himself getting a 911 because it has a back seat.

Meanwhile, he has upgraded his Cayman S to make it even sportier than it already is.

Oskar has installed Broadway Static coilovers. For the uninitiated, a coilover is an automobile suspension device. The name coilover is an abbreviation of “coil-over shock absorber.” The addition of them lowers the car’s center of gravity, allowing for better handling and cornering. The coilover’s performance has been enhanced with Elephant Racing camber plates and the GT3 front control arms widen track width, increasing cornering grip and performance.

The Cayman S is sitting on 1 of 1 Custom made wheels made by Augment Wheel Company based in Ontario. The Design is influenced by the Carrera Sport Wheel that came available on the 911 and Cayman S Models. The LED front spars and front lip spoiler have been added to spice up the look of the car; together with slide skirts from Techart, Maxton rear side diffusers and a GT4 rear wing which not only makes it look flashy, it also makes the vehicle more aerodynamic and completes the look of the vehicle. The car also sports LED taillights to update the styling used on the newer Porsche line-up.

Aerodynamics, Styling as well as Performance within the car have been improved. This Cayman S has all of the add-ons you can get for the motor while still remaining reliable to drive on a daily basis.

This car sports a GT3 Intake plenum kit, GT3 throttle body, Soul Performance Cold Air Intake and has its motor tuned. This makes the vehicle more responsive and it really makes it sound like a race car with the Fabspeed Cat-less headers and Tubi Exhaust.

All these modifications are in tune with Oskar’s dedication to performance and styling, whether it be in the vehicles he drives or the young individuals he mentors; many of whom have gone on to establish successful enterprises on their own.

His conclusion? “If you want a thing badly enough, go out and fight for it. Don’t give up on your goals and dreams. We all have a purpose in life and we should all work towards those goals being our best and giving back to the universe.”


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