Designing the Perfect Kitchen for You!

They say home is where the heart is, but we say the heart of any home is in the kitchen. This is where you create memories with loved ones that last a lifetime. Prepping Christmas dinner, baking cookies for a bake sale and passing down family recipes are easier when it’s in a kitchen you love. It’s a gathering place for family and friends but can’t happen if you don’t have a kitchen personalized to your taste.

The Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre can assure your kitchen is customized to your needs. Whether you’re a chef, baker, or entertainer we believe your at-home kitchen should be perfect for you. Read our tips below to find out why having a customized kitchen will limit your daily stress, update the style of your home, and guarantee a worthwhile experience.


At the Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre, we have a selection of professional designers that will help arrange the kitchen of your dreams. Designing your kitchen shouldn’t be a headache and hiring a qualified designer makes sure it’s complete, on time and within your budget. Our designers will help you create your vision and make it functional for your needs. Their responsibility is to certify it fits, flows and has optimization for every need and want. With over 30 years experience, they have the knowhow and design savvy to bring your project together with a fully installed, custom kitchen that not only gives you the functionality and beauty you come to expect, but a “job well done.”

If you’re a cook, designers will arrange your kitchen in a way that is both organized and simplified. Your daily recipes will now be easier to create and tastier because of it.

If you’re an entertainer, your designer will make sure the size of your island is big enough for both guests and appetizers. Kitchen parties will forever be more enjoyable and extravagant for family and friends once you design your kitchen to your needs.


At Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre, we work with Cabico Custom Cabinetry to offer you a wide variety of colour and style. We believe that an advantage to custom cabinetry is making better use of space. The height, width and depth of your cabinets give room for your appliances to be neat and organized. Another benefit to customizable cabinets is being able to pick a colour that matches the rest of your kitchen and is current with the latest trends.

Having unlimited choices and style means you’re able to design your cabinetry the way you want it, not the way someone left it for you. Come to Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre today and shop for both frameless and framed cabinets and give your kitchen the high-end beauty it deserves.


You can shop for the latest trends and colours to guarantee your countertop flows with the rest of your kitchen. Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre has every counter top imaginable from laminate to granite to quartz. By choosing a customizable counter design you will be able to co-ordinate your kitchen and give it your very own personal touch.


Everything from durability, to colour and diversity is important when picking your kitchen’s flooring. Whether your ideal floor is tile, laminate or hardwood, we at Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre can help you with your decision. We understand that matching your kitchen to your floors will help you feel more at home, so we want to make this experience for you as easy and affordable as possible.

You can also customize a quality sink at Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre that will last you a lifetime and stand up to everyday usage. We have them all, under-mount sinks, farmhouse sinks, or drop in sinks. Not only that but you can customize your own faucet and install it according to your needs. You also have the option to select your ideal colour and finish so that it complements the rest of your kitchen.

Remember, a standard kitchen can’t give you all your needs, so come and speak to one of our kitchen specialists at Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre to make your dreams come true. Put an end to your daily stress and customize your kitchens size, colour and style. We’re more than just a convenient hardware store and building centre; we can offer you and your family a variety of options and designs perfect for your kitchen.

Courtesy of: Orangeville Home Hardware Building Centre

Author: LivingSpaces

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