Dreaming About I Do’s with Wellington’s Best Kept Gem

Dreaming about the moment that you say “I do” is a very common thing to do! There are countless examples of the magic of the perfect wedding in media. It’s understandable that there are thousands if not millions of Pinterest boards filled with ideas of what someone’s big day should look like. However, as anyone who’s put a wedding together can tell you, the mechanics of creating your dream can be a smidge more stressful than just collecting ideas. In a lot of ways, it’s not much different from building your dream home, and the advice I’ve had home owners give me about their renos also applies. The only way to survive with your sanity intact is to accept that you can’t control everything and somewhere compromises will be required.

One place, however, that doesn’t want you to have to compromise is Ron Wilkin Jewellers. Now entering their 56th year of servicing the Fergus area and beyond, they want to use their qualified staff and versatile selection to be your wedding specialists (as well as your everyday jewellery experts).

Opening in 1967, Ron Wilkin Jewellers’ Fergus location was taken over by Ron’s son Graham and his wife Amy in 2012. Together, they expanded into Elora in 2020. Don’t, however, let the addresses of these two locations fool you; they may be in small towns, but they are not “small town” in what they can provide.

Thanks to a large buying group, they have the ability to carry a wide range of brands at competitive prices. Not only are all three of their major wedding lines from Canadian companies, ensuring that they abide by Canadian guidelines at every step of the process, but their two onsite goldsmiths give them the ability to support you with repairs and adjustments in a timely and professional manner. If that’s not enough, they also have a qualified professional onsite who can provide jewellery appraisals, giving them even more of that ‘big city’ influence.

The only area they do differ from many big name and big city stores is that they are still a small family business; their staff treats everyone who walks through the door with the warmth that one can expect from a so-called “mom and pop”. Tourists to their Elora store have made the drive back from the cities for their wedding sets because of the time, care and attention that they received on their previous visits. It is this attention, as much as their selection and skilled staff, that will make them your wedding specialists. They will take the time to listen to you, and find the ring that fits your dreams, whether that is something that they already sell, or a custom build. Even better, they will strive to ensure that your dream ring (or any piece of jewellery) is still in your price range.

One of the biggest ways they can do this is by offering lab grown diamonds. While traditional mined stones have a certain charm about them, unique in that nature will only create that diamond once, they can’t beat a lab grown diamond on price. Since lab grown stones are produced rather than mined, they are often sold at a far lower price point. Furthermore, as they are created to any specification, it gives you more freedom in selecting size and quality. You don’t need to wait or hope that someone has already mined it – it can be made for you.

For those of you worried about quality, all diamonds, whether they be lab grown or mined, are graded on the exact same scale. The only real difference is the way that they were produced – and of course the price point.

Now, we know that all this talk of diamonds has probably put you in mind of the engagement rings, and this might seem to be inherently “female” focused.  Fear not men, Ron Wilkin Jewellers offers a wide selection of bands for you as well. In fact, they are quite proud of their selection in alternative band metals. If visiting, you can select from metals such as tungsten, ceramic, tantalum and more. These metals tend to have a more modern look, appealing to those who may want something less formal or traditional. However, it should be noted that these alternative metals cannot be resized. So, if you are concerned you may need a different size in the future, you may wish to stick with standard gold, lest you have to buy a whole new ring.

At the end of the day, you should be able to get your dream piece whether it’s for your wedding, any of life’s other milestones, or even just every day. Ron Wilkin Jewellers is here to ensure that you can do so, no matter what that dream may be.


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