Ask the Health Expert: Breaking the Grip of Long Covid

The body’s nervous system is made up of two major parts, namely the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. These two systems work together to keep the body informed of all its sensory information and needs. It is a continual constant process and is essential for our survival. The central nervous system consists of the brain, cerebellum and the spinal cord where sensory information is processed and coordinates both conscious and unconscious functions like thinking, voluntary motor skills and speech, but also controls blood pressure, keeping the body in balance [homeostasis] and hormone production. All physicians and therapists are trained on this model CNS-PNS model.

It is important to note the peripheral nervous system is further broken down into two more nervous systems, the Somatic and the Autonomic Nervous System. Between these two systems, the Autonomic Nervous System is by far the most important.

The Autonomic Nervous System is comprised of the Sympathetic Nervous System and the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The sympathetic nervous system is “gas” of the body, responsible for our “fight or flight” response in times of danger, releasing adrenalin, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and our breathing. Stress occurs when the sympathetic nervous system overpowers the parasympathetic nervous system keeping the body in a prolonged state of “fight or flight” which revs up the body. This response is designed for short term survival and not for prolonged stress or up regulation which is directly related to many chronic diseases as well as “Covid 19” [Portzionato 2020].

“Covid 19” is a stress-related disease. COVID 19 attacks the epithelial cell of the lungs activating sympathetic stress and producing cytokine inflammation. This in turn spreads throughout the body through our bloodstream to our organs, triggering organ failure and death. [Kaniusas 2020, Milovanovic 2021]

The parasympathetic nervous system on the other hand is the “brake”. It inhibits the body from overworking and restores a balanced and composed state by slowing the heart and breathing rates, lowering blood pressure, relaxing the body and allowing recovery.

The Parasympathetic Nervous System calming response is mediated by the Vagus nerve. This 10th cranial nerve is the most extended and complex of all nerves originating from the brain and transmits information to all tissues and organs of the body.  It is the main sensory channel from the lungs to the brain, controls pulmonary function and regulates respiration and respiratory defense mechanisms. A healthy parasympathetic nerve response is governed by the vagus nerve which when operating well is said to have good [high] vagal tone, and low tone is associated with increased inflammation, respiratory disfunction and pro-inflammatory cytokines [Gidron 2018, Lietke 2018].

People who have been infected by “Covid 19” generally recover, there is a significant proportion of people who continue to experience complications and symptoms for a long time after the acute illness. These patients are known as Covid “long-haulers” and are subject to a wide range of physical and mental symptoms [Davis et al., Lancet 2021]. A new study by Dr. Gemma Llados of the University Hospital in Badalona, Spain reports how the virus causes vagus nerve disfunction, explaining many post Covid symptoms such as fatigue, voice problems, dizziness, and anxiety to name but a few. Dr Llados also has proved that there are structural alternations in the vagus nerve including thickening of the nerve, trouble swallowing and symptoms of impaired breathing.

I first began my studies of acupuncture 25 years ago and the Dolphin Neural Stimulator has always been part of those studies. At one point I realized that the Dolphin could be used on its own and thus began a great love affair of healing others through this amazing little machine. I have been quite in awe at how effective the unit has been, allowing me to help many people by eliminating the pain from frozen shoulders, lower back and sciatic pain, debilitating migraines from concussions, foot pain, knee pain, helping to relieve congestion of the sinuses and even helped with fertility problems. It has been proven, through many studies, that stimulation of the Vagus nerve to raise the tone has proven effective on many “Covid19” complications [Staats 2020, Bapista 2020, Steyn 2013, Kaniusas 2020, Azabou 2012, Mastitskaya 2021].

With this in mind, I became elated that on April 7th, 2022, Health Canada authorized the Dolphin Vagal Nerve Stimulator to treat adult patients with known or suspected Covid 19 and those experiencing long haul symptoms. If the Dolphin Vagal Nerve Stimulator can have such positive results on Covid 19, imagine what other ailments can be combated with this technology. This is merely a first step into revolutionary health care that is readily accessible to the public.

Recently I was lucky enough to get hold of the latest innovative incarnation – the Dolphin Vagal Nerve Stimulator and I cannot wait to see what it’s capable of. My appointment book is open now for those wanting to take advantage of this amazing technology. One may also purchase the Dolphin Vagal Nerve Stimulator which tops the list of treatments for Vagal Tone Enhancement for personal use at home. The unit comes with detailed explanations and step by step instructions for use.

I hope you can join me in the discovery of all the possibilities.

WRITTEN BY: NATHALIE McNEILL, Fountain Head Health Store, Fergus | 519-787-5123

Author: LivingSpaces

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