Ask the Beauty Expert: Making Sense of Medical Esthetic Treatments

What a time to take charge of your appearance! What with so many machines, treatments, information on youtube vidoes, tiktok, etc., it is difficult to know where to start and what is going to work for you and what really is just a fad. It sometimes feels like when you try and compare mattresses between different companies only to discover that each manufacturer has their own lingo? Makes it next to impossible to make an informed decision when the language and descriptions are different.

Medical spas are a great way to improve your appearance and confidence. There are so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? You may find a medical esthetics spa (medi-spa) that promises crazy results that cannot be achieved. Treatments are also an investment so you want to ensure you’re making the right decision for you.

The best place to start before booking a consultation or treatment, is to ask yourself what your wish list actually is. Do you want to start by investing in medical grade skin care? Or do you want to try a treatment that a medi-spa offers? Perhaps you are not even sure what a medi-spa is.

An esthetic spa or day spa is not the same as a medical esthetics spa (a.k.a. medi-spa). A medi-spa is a cross between a spa and a medical clinic. The biggest differences are the treatments and products that are offered.

Medi-spas have a medical director. That does not mean that a physician will be performing your services. Most medi- spas consist of nurses and medical estheticians. Treatments done at medi-spas are corrective and more aggressive than those found at esthetic spas, where focus may be more on relaxation.

Examples of esthetic spa treatments include massage, body wraps, relaxation facials, waxing and nail treatments. Medi-spa treatments generally include lasers treatments, injectables, IPL, microneedling, radio frequency treatments and specialized facials that involve medical grade products.

Because treatments provided at medi-spas are more aggressive and have potential side effects, you will want to select one where you can get the best care in the event of any adverse reactions. Experience of the treatment provider, good explanations of potential side effects and availability of the treatment provider post treatments are all important factors that should be considered beforehand. The right medi-spa for you will be informative, communicative and reputable.

When you go for a consultation, make sure that the clinic provides the time for you to ask questions, for the consultant to do an assessment and provide a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals. Do not be afraid to ask what the experience is of the treatment provider. This is especially important when getting an injectable treatment. Take a look at the treatment provider and the staff. Do you like how they look? Is their injection style what you like. Injections such as filler require not only good assessment to ensure that the treatment is safe for you, but also the treatment provider needs an eye for the proportion and dynamic movement of your face. Your treatment provider should let you know what you can expect from the treatment, what it will feel like and what you will look like when you leave post treatment.

At the end of your consultation, you should feel empowered and have a full understanding of what the next step in your treatment plan will be. You should not leave feeling worse about your appearance.

Another consideration will be the types of homecare products that the medical spa has to offer. There are an overwhelming number of beauty products on the market today. It makes it very hard to tell which ones are worth your money. Quality medi-spas will have a medical aesthetician or another senior staff member who selects the products or product lines to carry. Asking the clinic why they chose a specific product is extremely helpful. A quality medi-spa will select products based on how well they work, how the staff likes them and client feedback.

Now, if you have decided that you would like to see some correction of a skin condition and you have booked your consultation, you will want to do a bit of self-educating as to what treatments are available prior to your consultation. You want to be properly prepared for the information that you may be hearing.

Some of the areas of evaluation that should occur during your consultation include:

  • How even is your skin tone?
  • The degree of dehydration and dead skin buildup.
  • Do you have the type of skin that is prone to excess trans epidermal water loss?
  • Do you have a job or lifestyle that has you exposed to environmental stressors?
  • Has there been a history of skin cancer?
  • Is there an indication of skin laxity?
  • The expression that your face has when at rest (do you look sad, angry, worried).
  • Loss of fat pads on face.
  • Areas of concern on the body such as unwanted fat pockets.

You should be asked what YOUR concern is and what YOUR goals are.

The bottom line when searching for the right medi-spa for you is to make sure you feel comfortable with the staff as far as taking good care of you before, during and after your treatment. No matter what treatment you will be receiving, you deserve a medi-spa that will listen to you and meet your individual needs and goals.


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