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I had the pleasure of meeting local artist, Ricky Schaede, many years ago. He struck me as genuine, kind and so excited about the world around him, not to mention wildly talented! Over the years our paths crossed many times. I am one of many people who discovered Ricky to be very committed to his artistic journey, candid and such a pleasure to be around.

The last time I saw Ricky, he was working at beloved Orangeville art studio, Maggiolly’s. At that time Ricky was actively involved in the local art community, spearheading events and fundraisers within the Orangeville area alongside colleagues and friends of Club Art.

Needless to say I’m a fan and was absolutely thrilled to find out that in October 2023, Ricky opened his own studio!

“One thing that I really love about my studio is that it allows me to remain authentic and spiritual. Its fulfilling to continue creating naturally rather than for a commercial income. I feel a lot less like I need to pressure myself to make art that sells.”

Choosing Art as a career path is no easy feat. Making a living selling your creations can be incredibly challenging. After years of hard work and perseverance Ricky Schaede now has his own studio, where he can teach, create, and share his passion.

I asked Ricky about any challenges he might have faced during the process of opening his new space. He didn’t have any to note! Ricky shouldered the entire project on his own. I commend him for it! Not only is Ricky humble about his achievements, he is also so positive and so grateful to be where he is now.  “I worked really hard to get all of my ducks in a row, this was a dream of mine.”

Ricky expressed a ton of gratitude towards Maggiolly Art Studio. He purchased his first set of paints and brushes there and worked at the studio for over 8 years!

“They really showed me how to successfully run a business like that.”

The Ricky Schaede Art Studio, located just off Broadway at 5 First Street, Unit 3A in Orangeville Ontario, is set up into two main sections; A gorgeous retail area selling Canadian made art supplies coupled as a gallery with Ricky’s artwork adorning the walls and shelves, and a well-appointed classroom where he teaches and creates with his students.

“I love that I can refer to the artwork throughout the studio as teaching tools during my classes.”

Ricky hosts a number of amazing and approachable art classes for all ages. His spring schedule will include:

  • Monday Daytime Drawing classes for Adults
  • Saturday Art Adventures Class
  • Sunday afternoon Drawing Explorers
  • Full week Summer Art camps ages 6-12 or 9-15
  • Monday After school drawing program
  • Wednesday after school advanced arts class
  • March break Kids Art Classes
  • Kids Birthday Party Bookings & Private Lessons

Ricky’s classes teach important concepts and techniques while allowing students to explore their unique creativity, take risks, and create authentic work. All class details can be found on his website:

In his high school years, Ricky really ran with his art independently, furthering his skills and techniques. After graduation in 2012, Ricky travelled to Guatemala and participated in a series of Sacred Fire Ceremony. These cultural ceremonies are how the Mayan of today celebrate and connect with their ancestors. The ceremonies honour all components of life; good and bad in order to keep balance and reflect on our past and futures. Colourful candles, flowers and incense are offered to a fire, and carry prayers and meditations to the heavens.

In the summers of 2015 & 2016 Ricky added even more experience to his arsenal when he participated in two 5 week seminars focusing on early renaissance techniques using oil and tempera. These skills, concepts and methods are present in his work and teachings today!

“The reason I make art is to capture the feeling of wonder and awe of our cosmos. It is an act of reverence to the beauty of our universe. I try to capture that feeling and distill it into my art”

You can find more art by Ricky displayed at Mochaberry Café on Broadway, and of course at the new Ricky Schaede Art Studio in downtown Orangeville. To learn more about Ricky, his classes and his work, visit:

So, what can we expect now from the talented Ricky Schaede?

“I want to keep building my business and explore my own imagination. To make a living with a positive impact. To be my own entity, proud of how I’ve manifested my purpose and destiny. And the opportunity to give the keys of imagination to my students.”


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