Why We Should All be Shopping at Farmers Markets

One of the more interesting and fantastic things about living where we do, is that there’s so much natural beauty to be seen in our area. We have gorgeous walking trails, clean lakes, quaint towns, and vast acres of land well worked by our local farmers, some of whom have been here for generations. These local farms produce everything from beef to vegetables, to pork and chicken, to fruit and honey, and it’s all available to us fresh and delivered with care, at our local Famer’s Markets!

Here are just a few reasons to support local, and shop local:

  • It’s great for our local economy. You support the local agriculture initiatives, family-run businesses, and help attract tourism to our area.
  • It’s delicious. There’s nothing better than “farm to table”. It’s fresher than most big box grocery stores, and more often than not, cheaper.
  • Lots to choose from! Farmer’s Markets are designed to showcase a little bit of everything. You’ll have various farms that bring baked goods of all sorts, cured meats and cheeses, berries, wines, jams and even pickles, with each vendor bringing something different and new to the variety of choices each week.
  • Community bonding. There’s something really special about spending a morning or afternoon walking about the market, and seeing people in your community you don’t get to see every day. A Farmer’s Market brings all sorts of community members together along with local artisans and musicians that you might never get a chance to encounter, if not for the Farmer’s Market.
  • Eating seasonally. Our local farms produce the freshest vegetables and fruits at the exact time they were meant to be picked. You won’t find any GMO-type products at the Farmer’s Market!
  • Made from hard work, and love. A farmer is that individual that pours their heart, soul, and sweat into providing our families, along with their families, fabulous fresh delicious products to put on our tables, and into our tummies. For that reason alone, we should be supporting this labour of love!

So make a fun experience of it! Head down to your local Farmer’s Market, have a coffee and a muffin, see some old friends, and maybe make some new ones. And when your shopping bag is full of fresh goods, head on home and enjoy the best that local farm freshness has to offer!

Author: Living Spaces

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