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Having an institution of higher education located right here in our backyard, is a true asset of our community. Not only because of its positive effect on the people, economy, and strength of the community, but that it provides people from all walks of life an opportunity to further themselves, in a way that can be customized to who they are, and what they need.

For our spring edition, we are thrilled to profile two students who took part in Humber’s “Pathways Program”, and through hard work have achieved their educational and life goals.

LINDA BAKER • Back in the classroom after 40 years:

“I enrolled in the Early Childhood Educator (ECE) program at the Humber College Orangeville Campus, in September of 2015. I want to thank Administrator Anne Bailey, and my mentor, Shawn Henderson, Vice Principal at Montgomery Village Public School, for believing in me and my goal to become an ECE, and who have supported me every step of the way.

When I look back on my Humber journey, I feel the leaps and bounds it took me to get where I am today. There were so many times I wanted to pack it in, as I struggled with being back in school. It had been 40 years since I graduated from high school. I didn’t understand technology or computers very well and became frustrated with them. My ‘angel’ was Stephanie Maggs, our I.T. at campus, who became a big part of why I graduated. She can work miracles, and was always there with support for me.

All of my professors, including Campus Principal Joe Andrews, are wonderful, caring, understanding, patient, and always willing to help and encourage you. They all go above and beyond for their students because they genuinely care about us both personally, and in our success at school. There are even specific programs in place to help students who may be struggling, and Humber will set you up with everything they have available to make sure you succeed.

It’s because of all of them throughout my two years, that I graduated.

I’m very proud of myself that I took this step, furthering my education in a field I had always wanted to pursue. I’ve worked very hard, and I’m thrilled with my grades. It’s been a huge accomplishment having achieved honours in all four semesters – what an amazing feeling of pride. As well, I’ve achieved two accolades, receiving both the Student Achievement and Albert B. Chalmers awards.”

Linda represents an exceptional example of the courage and strength it takes for mature students to re-enter the educational system, and the ability to start over from a career perspective.

LORI-ANN McDONALD • Moving from College to University:

“I was living in Shelburne, so choosing the Orangeville campus over the Lakeshore site was the way to go for me. I also liked the fact that the campus was small and close-knit. It was very easy to get to know my student colleagues and my professors, some of them have even become lifelong friends. Having this close-knit community gave me an amazing ‘support network’ and professors such as Johanna, Elizabeth, Everton, and Sherly, just to name a few, encouraged me to keep going and achieve my degree after.

These amazing people have impacted my life and work ethic over my two years attending Humber. Being able to speak easily with the administrators was a bonus, it was great being heard and in turn, seeing the changes that came as a result of those conversations. Having courses like Agency and Fundraising, Sociology, and both levels of Counselling, have provided me with lifelong knowledge. In Counselling, it was how Elizabeth taught the course that’s been supplementing what I’ve been learning in Advanced Social Work with Individuals and Families, here in my 4th year. Overall, I truly enjoyed my time at Humber and would encourage anyone to jump in and get involved. It will change your life, your worldview, and make you a better social service worker.”

Here again we have another success story, this one from a student who took a different educational path in order to achieve her goals and career aspirations.

Clearly, Humber College offers the opportunity for anyone who’s looking to enhance their education, learning, and career opportunities. You can see all that they have to offer (and more) by visiting the campus itself, or at their website

What really stands out beyond just the educational portion of this interview, are the many levels of support available for student access from the team at the Humber College Orangeville Campus.

They focus on you as an individual, and embrace you like family. Your success is their reward.

Written by: Kelli M. Maddocks

Author: LivingSpaces

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  1. I am very proud of my daughter, Lori-Ann. I know going to Humber has served her well. Her distinction was really a great achievement. I have been encouraging other student to join the Humber team, as I have seen the evidence of greatness that is encouraged at this institution.

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