Staycation! Why Leave Home?

A new term entered the English lexicon a decade or so ago and its most common use occurs in residential landscaping circles.

The term is “staycation” and it mostly deals with homeowners’ desires to have the benefits of a vacation without leaving the house. To achieve this, they often have a backyard pool surrounded by exquisite rockeries, foliage arrangements and other accoutrements; a veritable oasis on their own property.

The jaded among us may dismiss such landscaping as people acquiring another status symbol, but further investigation concludes that this is hardly true. More often than not, this is the way people seek sanctuary, not status.

It is not a stretch to think that after doing yet another tour of duty in that daily war zone we call life, taking time to relax in a soothingly lit pool is a physical and spiritual medication par excellence.

How valuable a landscaped pool area can be to some people is illustrated by a recent installation performed by D&D Pools & Spas of Orangeville.

Seven years ago, a couple contracted the company to build a landscaped pool area. Evidently impressed by the result, they desired a similar setting in the next home they purchased and hired D&D, once again.

That is a story in itself, insofar as it served as an affirmation of the skillset and respect the company has garnered over 30 years in the business.

Dave Cadieux of D&D says the clients were confident enough to grant the contractor “a long leash” when it came to putting the installation together; a job that was made more challenging by the triangular dimensions of the property.

“They wanted it aesthetically pleasing,” he recalls, “but they also wanted it usable. They wanted green space for kids and dogs and they needed a decent sized patio.” A waterfall and fire pit were also included in the plans.

In what could be termed as an understatement, Dave described the project as “an exercise in space management.”

The results could be seen as two-fold. Not only was the yard successfully landscaped to the clients’ satisfaction, it also laid to rest the concerns of some that a smaller and irregularly shaped lot would not be conducive to a landscaped pool area.

What makes contracting a professional, for projects like this, so important is not so much the visible results of the work. It’s how the pros deal with what could be called the invisible aspects. “An average homeowner might not see a lot of the behind-the -scenes stuff,” says Dave.

For example, a skilled contractor can look over a yard and spot challenging characteristics of its topography and places where there might be irrigation issues. Last, but definitely not least, the experienced contractor knows how to navigate through a potential minefield of municipal regulations and what possible restrictions they may bring to the plans.

As well, a pro knows what needs to be done to make that backyard oasis magical. “Lighting can really make or break a project,” figures Dave. “It really sets the ambience.” Not only does the right lighting give that ethereal, near mystical, glow, it can also enhance a pool’s curb appeal and make it much more appealing to potential buyers should the client wish to sell the property in the future.

On an even more obvious and practical note, pool lighting increases swimming safety. This is especially noteworthy if there are children around and/or the family likes to swim at night. It is important to make sure swimmers and bystanders alike can clearly see the pool and its surrounding area.

The idea of a tranquil retreat steps from the back door may whet the appetite of a potential customer, but there are bound to be some reservations before he and she plunge into the pool idea.

They can relax. Established and reputable pool contractors like D&D Pools don’t just build ‘em and disappear. They also offer comprehensive maintenance packages that include opening and closing the pool each season, assuring optimum water quality and keeping the pool surroundings tip-top and beautiful.

With all the angles covered and the results pretty well only limited to the scope of your imagination, it might be time to think about taking that “staycation” in paradise.

Written by: Dan Pelton | Photography: Cory Bruyea

Author: LivingSpaces

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