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It’s not often we get an “insider view” of an educational institute’s strategic plan. Humber College has done an incredible job in creating a 5 year strategy plan in order to ensure the college is aligned with the best practices, and community vision.

There are 3 main pillars of the strategy plan at Humber College, which drive all aspects of the organization:

  • Career-Ready Citizens
  • Accessible Education
  • Healthy and Inclusive Community

For 2018, we are fortunate to be living in a community where Humber College is taking the lead on the “Okanagan Charter”:

“An International Charter for Health-Promoting University and Colleges, which calls upon post-secondary schools to embed health into all aspects of campus culture, and to lead health promotion, action, and collaboration both locally and globally.“

The charter is closely aligned with pillar number 3, “Healthy and Inclusive Community”.

Humber are focused on 2 of the “calls to action”, as defined by the Okanagan Charter:

  1. To embed health into all aspects of campus culture, across the administration, operations, and academic mandates;
  2. To lead health promotion, action, and collaboration both locally and globally.”

We headed over to Humber College Orangeville Campus, and sat down with Campus Principal Joe Andrews, to understand exactly what this Charter will mean to the students and the employees of Humber College. We also spoke about the positive impact this particular pillar element will have on the community members of Dufferin County and surrounding areas.

So what exactly does “Healthy and Inclusive Community” mean? “There are 3 elements to this particular pillar”, explains Joe. “Optimizing student success by embedding health and well-being into all aspects of campus and culture. The second piece is to continue to build a diverse and inclusive community of exceptional students, faculty, and staff. The third part is providing national leadership in developing sustainable campuses.”

“Impacting the community, and understanding its needs as a whole, is important to us here at Humber College. We recently made a $150K donation to the Town of Orangeville towards the new “Wellness and Lifestyle” facility, currently being worked on at Alder Recreation Center. It was an easy donation to make, as the centre aligns quite nicely with both the town’s vision and Humber’s vision, to enable our community as a whole, and embrace wellness throughout.”

This new facility will be under the administration of the town, and will be providing the many services available. Humber College will be part of some program development and how they’ll be delivered, and all of it will be accessible and available for participation by the community at large.

The programming will offer a full suite of subject matter, including mental health issues, exercise, nutrition, accessibility, and future course offerings as determined by town staff.

“We are also going to be embarking on a new relationship with Dufferin County Community Living in the new year”, offers Joe. “Humber College is dedicated to everyone in our community, and ensuring that our programs are fully accessible is always a top priority.”

This particular partnership will bring some extra experience to students that have chosen the Social Service Worker program, which again is a “win-win” for our town.

Sustainability is a growing focus for Humber College. Joe also happens to sit on Humber’s “Sustainability Committee”, and is proud of the continued focus and developments going on at Humber. “The Sustainable Energy and Building Technology Program provides a mix of theoretical and practical skills. Our labs are equipped with state of the art hardware, software, and equipment, to give our students and graduates excellent hands-on experience. Students in the program have access to Humber’s LEED Gold Centre for Urban Ecology, an opportunity to study a sustainable building in operation, and understand the relationship between design, construction, and operation.”

A wonderful attribute this type of development brings to our town, is the continued support and relationship between the town and the campus. “We can share best practices with each other”, states Joe, “and together can work towards lessening our carbon footprint as a community, and grow our green footprint as well!”

It’s clear to see that the Humber College Orangeville Campus not only maintains its strong community focus and commitment, but is also aggressively dedicated to the health and wellness of our community. Something we can all be very proud of!


Author: LivingSpaces

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