Patio Dining in the Perfect Setting

We are so very fortunate here in Ontario that the weather has been providing us with an extended bout of warm weather, which in recent years has often lingered on through to October.

Fall is no longer a time to get ready to hibernate, as the extended warm patio season means we can continue to enjoy special events, great food, and lazy afternoons in beautiful settings!

A Taste of Freedom Country Inn, in the quaint town of Tottenham, Ontario, can deliver on all of that, and so much more.

The building itself is a charming restored Victorian Century Home, that boasts both a restaurant and inn for customers to enjoy. But what you will not see, unless you take a stroll through the beautiful outdoor landscape of the property, is how breathtaking the patio/garden area is, and how hosting or attending a special event here is truly unique, as it really is a place like no other.

The patio at the Inn has played host to several different events including wine and cheese parties, holiday events, fine dining, and of course, the most special event of all, weddings. The setting is spectacular for an outdoor wedding, and is set up with its very own outdoor bar, special lighting, and those gorgeous gardens, making it the perfect setting for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. The added bonus? Nature has created the most elegant of backdrops, so any required added decor is minimal, and the catering is simply divine.

We sat down with Head Chef Dave, and Sous Chef Matt, to talk about how the preparation and serving of delicious food is just as important as the event space itself.

“We use only the best when it comes to our kitchen” explains Dave. “We source the freshest of meat, fish, cheese, and vegetables, and everything is made in-house. All our sauces, soups, gravies, and dressings, not to mention our desserts, are created in-house to ensure the best quality is offered to our guests. We are huge on personal service. We pride ourselves in making the experience personal.”

The menu at A Taste of Freedom changes frequently. “While we’ve expanded, and do change the menu continually” explains Dave, “there is always that go-to dish that someone wants to order. And we make sure we’re prepared to fulfill that request.” For example, he tells me of regulars to the inn who’ve been coming for years, who enjoy a certain pasta and sauce, “It’s not on the menu” says Dave, “but we’ll make it for them, just the way they’ve always had it, and just the way they like it.”

Top notch service!

But for Dave and Matt, it goes beyond just great service. It’s about the full dining, eating, and social experience. “It’s all about hospitality for us” explains Dave. “We’re so grateful that people have chosen our space to hold their special events, or for just a quick appetizer here on the patio, that we want every interaction, no matter how small or large, to be amazing, and to keep people coming back time and time again.” While I was interviewing this dynamic kitchen duo, Dave served an order to the table sitting not far from me, and you could tell he was really proud to be serving them himself, as “chef”. Of course, they were rather impressed to be served by him. A small touch, but one that provides that special hospitality that Dave, Matt, and owner Carl want to create.

Beyond the special “Patio Menu” designed by Matt, specific to the appetizer or plate-sharing crowd, guests sitting in this gorgeous outdoor space can also enjoy the full menu, as well as the large variety of specials Taste of Freedom offers on a regular basis.

On the day we were visiting, Dave and Matt had several beef items as specials. This included Prime Rib, Steak Oscar, Beef Tenderloin, and a Ribeye. A meat lover’s dream, all hand-cut by Dave and Matt in the kitchen.

If you are considering holding an event in this lovely place, then you will be treated with the best of service, from their in-house event planner “Jessie”. Jessie is there to ensure that there are personal touches, and that the event runs smoothly.

So, whether you’re looking to throw an intimate party for two, or celebrate a grand occasion, the gorgeous patio/garden space at A Taste of Freedom Country Inn, provides the perfect setting and backdrop, while the kitchen provides the perfect dining experience.

Written By: Kelli M. Maddocks | Photography: Cory Bruyea | Resources: A Taste Of Freedom Country Inn, Tottenham

Author: Living Spaces

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