MILESTONES: PART II – Did Work Make You Smile Today?

At some point in life, everyone begins their personal journey towards a chosen career. For some, that looks like a well-planned education, graduation and job application. For others, we stumble into a field of work and fall in love with it. Some professionals change their career path several times throughout life and experience a combination of the two. In my experience, the common denominator for everyone is the pursuit of happiness.

My chosen career has absolutely nothing in common with any of the subjects I studied in school. I was lucky enough to find an industry I genuinely enjoy being a part of, and I never looked back.

Landing a ‘dream job’ is certainly a milestone to celebrate. It opens the door to so many of those ‘little wins’ I keep talking about; personal growth & improvement, social relationships, financial security etc…

I do realize that choosing a career path and achieving an ideal position is much easier said than done. It can be a bumpy, ever-changing, uphill road!

A very wise man once told me that “It’s always better to have multiple options”, when searching for a job.

Some time ago, I made the mistake of setting my heart on one dream job, rather than applying to multiple companies. Without realizing it at the time, I bottle-necked myself with unnecessary pressure and stress because I had all my hope set on ONE POSITION. All my eggs were in the same basket.

Hindsight is 20/20 I suppose. After months of dedicated interviews, I sadly did not land my ‘dream job’. I was devastated! In that moment I realized that my wise man was in fact… quite wise. >insert face-palm here<.  Once I got over the emotional disappointment and feelings of rejection, my biggest stress was the fact that I didn’t have any other current job options. I hadn’t pursued other opportunities. AHH!

My second job search was an entirely different ballgame.

I spent a full day polishing and spamming my resume to every potential employer I could find in my industry, determined to learn from my previous mistakes.

Within 48 hours I had 3 scheduled interviews.

Within 72 hours I had three job offers.

I set a goal for myself and achieved it. It felt great!

Circumstance and personal preference are huge factors in career development as well. Many individuals work to live… Others live to work.

Working to live is practical. We earn an income to support our lifestyles.

For example: A friend of mine works in an office from 9am-5pm, five days per week. His income allows him to vacation a few times each year, and he gets to enjoy evenings at home with his family. That’s what happy looks like for him!

People who live to work are less common but do exist! I envy those who find a career that becomes a part of their lifestyle seamlessly.

For example: Another friend graduated University with her degree in Marine Biology. She is currently travelling the world as a scuba diving instructor while spear-heading environmental projects to clean up the world’s oceans.  That’s what happy looks like for her!

Happiness is the definition of success in my opinion. That’s what a milestone is all about. It looks different for everyone because no two lives are the same. Each individual experiences a different road, speedbump, loss and win at every turn.

So, will work make you smile tomorrow?

Written by: Megs Connell

Author: Living Spaces

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