Lessons from the Reading Room: Communication Series: Part I

Written by: Tanya Bottomley

Is Technology Affecting How We Communicate – In Life and in the Afterlife?

Digital Technology has changed the way we all communicate. Not just with each other and the world around us, but also how we communicate with the world beyond our own, and those who have crossed over.

I recently had the opportunity to sit with Hazel McGuiness – medium, mentor and founder of the Hazel Tree. During our time together, we discussed many topics focused around the lost art of communication and how it affects our daily lives, our interactions with family and friends, and perhaps most importantly our ability to use our “sixth sense” – or extra-sensory perception, to receive messages from friends and loved ones who have passed on.

As a busy mom of two teenagers and a real estate agent running my own business, technology and digital media are not only a necessity, but the key component to communication with my clients. I am acutely aware of the impact our screen time can have on our daily interactions with those around us. How many of you have been sitting around the dinner table while our kids are on Instagram or SnapChat? How many car trips to hockey tournaments and gymnastics competitions are filled with iPads and portable DVD players? How many lost conversations and missed opportunities have we sacrificed as a result of the increasing need to be constantly connected? Are we missing signs and signals around us because we are buried in a world of technology that are roadblocks to those trying to communicate with us from the world beyond our own?

According to Hazel, when loved ones cross over, their energy lingers, and they will quite often try to communicate with us by putting signs in our way or in the way of someone else, as a means of trying to connect with those they have left. There are many different types of signs that that loved ones may send us when attempting to connect with us from beyond. Hazel gives us a few examples of what some of those signs could be.

1) Number Patterns

(i.e.11:11, birth dates, meaningful dates, and other sequences) – repeated number patterns or meaningful dates and number sequences can appear to us in many forms and are often missed!

2) Dream Visitations

– people often claim that their loved ones come to visit them through their dreams. The dreams can seem intensely realistic, or may relay a message that directly relates to a memory, or as a reference to something that is currently going on in your life that requires help and or guidance.

3) Feeling their presence

– Loved ones may visit us in a time of need, or while we are grieving their loss. Many people feel a light touch, shift in energy, or simply the presence of someone standing behind or watching over.

4) Electrical Appliances

– Phone calls are particularly common within the first few days of crossing over. Many people recount similar experiences where they have received phone calls from unknown numbers, hearing only static on the line. Electrical activity can be easily manipulated by energy, making this a particularly effective means of communication for those who have passed.

5) Scents and Objects

(i.e. dimes, meaningful or sentimental objects) – You may smell a familiar fragrance, or you may come across an unexpected object put in your way by your loved ones. Many people find coins in more than one place (dimes in particular), or may smell their loved one’s perfume or favorite flower.

6) Signs From Nature

– Seeing a colorful bird such as a Cardinal or Blue Jay is often associated with signs from beyond

7) Visual Cues – Lights, Apparitions etc.

– Perhaps one of the most common signs, many people report seeing orbs, lights, flashes etc. Energy from our loved ones can come to us in these forms and are often seen out of the corner of your eye, or in a photograph where the light did not appear present at the time when the photo physically taken.

These signs can be easily missed when we are not engaged and in tune with the world and each other. The question is – are we setting up too many roadblocks for our loved ones who have passed on to effectively communicate with us?

Not only does screen time affect our daily interactions, but it can also affect our sleep patterns and our ability to dream. Our sociability and face to face interactions are becoming more and more limited. People seem busier, but are they busy wasting time. When our work or school day is done, we continue remotely – many of us until we go to bed in the evening. The effects of this can be profound and long-lasting.

With each generation, the growing addiction to cell phone use and the constant attachment to technology is amplified. If we are buried in a screen, we are disengaged from the world around us and perhaps missing out on an abundance of opportunities to know and understand our loved ones while they are here, and after they pass on. If we continue to communicate only by text and social media, will the art of communication be lost to future generations? Will those who have passed on give up trying to communicate with us because it becomes too challenging for them to reach us? Will they give up expending energy when we are simply not paying attention?

As a society, it is becoming increasingly important for us to forge connections, to get back to the basics and to start to reconnect with each other, ourselves, and nature. If time is our most precious commodity, then the onus should be on us to spend our time wisely by setting limits and boundaries on how much we utilize these tools. We must forge a balance between adapting to this new way of communication and ensuring that the human interaction component is not lost to future generations.

Hazel McGuiness has been in Dufferin County for more than 25 years and is an esteemed Author, Keynote Speaker, Medium, Spiritual Adviser, and Intuitive Counselor. To book a reading or session with Hazel, you can email her at reception@thehazeltree.ca, or call (519) 941-6770. Be sure to watch for future issues of Living Spaces as we continue our Communication Series with Hazel!

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