Hot Spring Colours for 2018

There are so many things to love about spring! Once the warm weather begins, the sweet smells of spring begin to rise, and the colours begin to burst!

We had the chance to ask our in-house design consultant Brittney Pasqualini, owner, Silver Birch Design, what the latestmust havecolours are, colours that we can add to the interior and exterior of our homes, our wardrobes, and even the accessories, to help us get in the groove of what the spring season has to offer.

The hot new colours for spring 2018 are yellow and navy”, says Brittney,and you can choose to inject some vibrancy into your space with these shades as an accent colour. Just a little colour can go a long way in this case, so choose wisely where you want your eye-catching “pops” to reside. I prefer adding colour in elements like toss pillows, unique accessories, and small accent furniture. This way, I’m not committed to keeping that colour in my home, as it’s something that can be changed seasonally, or even years from now as my tastes change.”

The incredible thing about the colour yellow these days, is that there are so many gorgeous shades to choose from. Gone are the days of the burnt orangeyellow that adorned the walls in your grandmothers kitchen or the fabric on your parents chesterfield. These days, yellows can be muted, bright, sophisticated, or fun! When you add a deep, rich navy, you can achieve some stunning results, which can be timeless when it comes to trends.

Another interesting design idea regarding these two colours is that they can also be used as “neutrals” in your colour schematic. With addition of primary colours to these already vibrant hues, you can create a fun space which is pleasing to the eye, and easy to accomplish. Think accessories, like pillows, candles, floor rugs, and other small changes that can make a huge impact.

For more great design ideas, visit our “Trend Talk” article, where Brittany gives some awesome advice on the latest design trends, and how to use them effectively!


Author: Kelli M. Maddocks

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