Getting You Vacation Ready!

“Vacation Ready”? Or maybe “spring ready”? Or simply just ready to say “Buh-bye winter”? Well, whatever the reason, the talented team from Beauty Bar on Main, located in downtown Grand Valley, have what it takes to get you feeling beautiful from head to toe.

When you walk through the door of this upscale salon, you’re instantly greeted with a lovely, soft scent, provided to instantly put you in a relaxed mood. “We’ve designed not only the salon, but also the décor; the music, the products and services we offer are to appeal to all 5 senses,” explains salon owner Daphinee. Mission accomplished!

Daphinee, provides all services available in the salon, and brings over 20 years of experience and training.

This salon feels as though you’ve been transported to Toronto’s Queen St. West, having been designed with an open concept feel, yet providing and accommodating privacy for some services, including a one-on-one private room, perfect for pampering. The overall space offers a bright and airy decor, so whether it’s getting ready for that vacation, celebrating the end of winter, or just time for some “TLC,” Daphinee and her team are thrilled to provide a decadent experience from the moment you enter their beautiful salon.

So let’s talk about getting yourself “vacation ready”…

The first space you enter into is the “nail bar”. Several stations provide a luxurious experience while receiving several treatments to your hands and feet. Daphinee and Tiffany (who also does waxing) provide the nail services, and are committed to providing their clients a full suite of care. The manicure and pedicure services range from a “classic” service to a more indulgent “spa” treatment, complete with options such as gel, lacquer, and shellac finishes. I was struck by how many colour options the nail bar had to offer, including customized nail artwork and fresh manicure choices.

Now let’s talk about hair removal. Essential to getting beach and warm weather ready, Beauty Bar on Main offers a full menu of hair removal choices. Extending from the popular eyebrow wax, Daphne and Hailey, the salon’s aestheticians, can provide hair removal treatments to other areas of the face and body, making your skin soft, silky, and ready to receive the warm sunshine. Hailey also does hands, feet, lashes and facials.

A growing beauty trend, and one that has a major return on investment, are eyelash extensions. This salon’s beauty services can take your lashes to a whole new level, and have you looking beautifully vacation ready even the moment you wake up in the morning. “Eyelash extensions can provide a client with a natural soft look to those who just need a little help from a volume perspective, or can be very dramatic giving the look of a vintage glamour star,” explains Hailey. “Generally, a client begins with a set of ‘classic’, ‘full’, or ‘volume’ lashes, and then has their set filled-in every few weeks. Once a customer has their first set done, they can then choose what fill level they want, going forward. The service is very flexible, and can make such a difference on how a customer looks and feels.”

This team would not be complete without hair stylist Sabrina, the newest addition to Daphinee’s team. “My main role and focus here at the salon is hair”, explains Sabrina. “We provide services for all ages, including children’s cuts. We focus on getting your hair looking healthy and stylish, which can include both colour and hydration treatments.”

Make-up application services are also available, providing guidance on various scenarios including how to look fabulous while travelling, look stunning for a special event, or simply just a perfect everyday natural and healthy look.

We can’t forget to remind you that getting ready for a vacation, or just the warm spring / summer season itself, is just the first step in looking and feeling your best. “Maintaining your look is as easy as picking up the phone and booking your follow-up services,” says Daphinee. “We’re here to consult each and every client with customized personal solutions, helping them develop and maintain their fabulous looks, and keep them ‘vacation ready’ every day of the year!”

Their website says it best; “Beauty Bar on Main houses a variety of looks from relaxed, lived-in, & executive, to creative, fun, & playful. With a strong history in hair, aesthetics & lash artistry ranging from brand ambassador Paul Mitchel, and intensive aesthetic, lash, nail, and facial training, Beauty Bar on Main enjoys creating the perfect balance of enduring, yet original looks.”

Written by: Kelli M. Maddocks | Photography: Cory Bruyea

Author: LivingSpaces

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