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The weight loss journey can be one that feels impossible, lonely, and frustrating. The industry itself is so competitive and choosing the right weight loss solution can seem impossible. We were lucky enough to spend some time with Kelly Nolan, Pharmacist & owner of  Avita Weight Loss Clinic, to find out more about her weight loss program, and other services that can address some health concerns. Customized just for you.

The Avita Integrative Health website explains it best:

“One of the most recent discoveries for successful weight loss is VLCD. Our Very Low Carb Diet combined with clean eating and our Homeopathic Weight Loss Formula burns fat in place of calories while increasing metabolism.

Our VLCD Program encourages the body to burn fat found in difficult areas such as our buttocks, stomach or abdominal areas, upper back, hips, and thighs. VLCD combined with clean eating and our Customized Homeopathic Weight Loss Drops resets your meta- bolism and uses excess fat stores for energy. In addition, the drops may also suppress hunger, balance blood sugar and assist with sleeping.

Other optional services that may be combined with the Avita Weight Loss Program is Detoxification & Saliva Hormone Testing. The Key to success is our on-going professional support. Clients are provided with 24/7 nutritional guidance and support ensuring the longevity & success of the clients’ program.”

The interesting concept with Avita’s program is that    it is “ Homeopathic”, which works with the body holistically, creating balance and homeostasis.

Kelly’s passion for the work she does stems from her own personal health journey. “I had gone through some various life changes and needed to lose some of the weight I had gained. After going through this program, I lost over 30 pounds six years ago, and have not put it back on.” So, this knowledgeable lady cannot only “walk the walk and talk the talk”, she also knows what the emotional struggles are like when attempting to manage weight loss and health.

“This is a highly successful weight loss program for many reasons,” explains Kelly, “however you need to work the program and carry forward the new lifestyle learned and achieved with your customized program. The main benefits are the combination of the Low Carb Diet with the homeopathic weight loss formula leading to the resetting of your metabolism. Once you have achieved your results, you can then add “toning exercises” to your regimen. As for the food, you are not restricted by caloric intake, but you do have to follow the food plan, which means you can lose weight and still have those little “treats” you enjoy along the way.”

While this homeopathic approach to weight loss is a change to your body, as a pharmacist Kelly tells us “you do not have to be concerned with it affecting any medications you might currently be taking.”

The best part of this weight loss program is that Kelly herself is your “Accountability Coach” for the entire process. She is very closely aligned with her clients, and all of their very personal needs. “My goal is to support my clients’ positive transformation to achieve their long term lifestyle goals.”

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Written By: Kelli M. Maddocks | Resources: Avita Weight Loss Clinic

Author: Living Spaces

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