Gardens and Parties And Fun … Oh My!!

It’s that beautiful time of year, when thoughts of warm sunshine, budding flowers, bright colours, and plans for the summer, all begin to fill our minds.

It also just happens to be the popular season for bridal and baby showers, graduation parties, and other special celebrations that this lovely time of year brings. Yes, it’s finally Spring!

The Spring season brings new life, new colour, and of course, new themes for entertaining. The crew here at  LivingSpaces and Lifestyles Magazine wanted to share some of our favourite ideas for throwing that perfect celebration.

Let’s begin with our top pick – Garden Parties!

Late Spring is the perfect time for this type of event, although it doesn’t hurt to think about throwing this type of party now! Historically, these affairs require a certain amount of elegance, and are a perfect reason to have your guests participate in the theme. Here are some points to consider:

Invitations. Invitations can be handmade, but inexpensive computer calligraphy can be ordered from most stationery stores. Choose paper colours and textures to match your theme. You might attach a card with ribbon to a flower-seed packet, or even a pair of pretty gardening gloves!

Attire. Fascinators and fancy hats of course! This vintage theme can be enjoyed by all who are invited. This theme puts a certain elegance on your party, and is an easy way for your guests to bring out their inner charm and sophistication.

Decor. Flowers, flowers and more flowers! Flowers are the decoration of choice, and should they not quite be in “full bloom”, there are many beautiful options for artificial floral arrangements. Small battery-operated mini lights can also add some attractive nuances, and can be used over and over again. Light and flowing linens in bright colours can have a huge impact on any table settings you might choose, and will provide an essential decor piece for a successful Garden Party.

Menu. Well of course, you will have to include the classic finger sandwiches! While the cucumber/cream cheese pinwheels are always a favourite, these small delicious delights can also be comprised of anything from seafood, to meats, to vegetarian style, making a wide range available for your guests to snack on throughout the party. We also love the idea of having small food stations, aka “fancy buffet style”, where guests can mingle and choose what they would like to eat. Another fantastic way to add some colour and floral visuals to your party is to serve “floral cupcakes” and small cheesecake bites, all fun foods that will brighten your party, and are certain to please your guests. Well, their bellies at least!

Drinks. Drink stations, stocked with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, are another fun way to serve your guests …. or more exactly, have them serve themselves! Light and fruity “frescas” are delicious and very refreshing. Flavour combinations like strawberry-watermelon, pineapple-vanilla, or cucumber-mint, provide lovely drinks and an extra pop of colour to the entire event.

Serve Tea! Make sure to use beautiful tea pots and tea cups. These days, party rental retailers have an abundance of choices, and it suits the “Garden Party’ theme just perfectly. Pick pretty colours, and pretty flowers as the designs, and your guests will feel their cups “raised pinky worthy” as they enjoy traditional black or herbal teas, making sure you have something for everyone!

After a long, cold winter, think colour – lots and lots of colour. Your linens, your food, your decor, and even your invitations should be bright, festive, and fun. And don’t forget, these trends and tips can lend themselves to other types of parties …

Who doesn’t love an Easter Egg hunt? It’s a traditional way to add some entertainment and fun activity to a spring fling, and can be modified to suit your particular guest list. Have some adults doing the hunting? Hide tiny bottles of prosecco, gift cards, or even clues that can lead to a larger prize at the end of the game!

Spring is full of new things, new beginnings, and change, so try and incorporate all of these elements into your parties. Your guests will love the change from the dreary days of winter, and may even catch a little “spring fever” while enjoying the fun!


written by: Kelly M. Maddocks

Author: Living Spaces

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