Flowerpot Scarecrows

• 2 medium terra cotta flower pots
(for each scarecrow)
• 4 smaller terra cotta flower pots
(for each scarecrow)
• Burlap
• Twine
• Straw
• White cardstock
• Hot glue gun
The first thing I did was cut eyes, nose and a mouth out of cardstock and glue it on a piece of burlap.

Then I glued the burlap to the flower pot (flower pot right side up).

Cut 4 long pieces of twine for the arms and legs and insert them into the flower pot (the one with the face) and tie them off so they won’t come through.

Leave two pieces out for the arms and insert the other two into the second flower pot (the body, which should be upside down) for the legs.

Glue the flower pots together along with some straw so it looks like it’s coming out of its shirt.

Now attach the smaller flower pots to each twine and tie them off (adjust them so that they are the length you want).

Glue some straw in the top flower pot so it looks like hair and in the small flower pots so it looks like it’s coming out of its sleeves and pant legs.

Now you can add some embellishments like a burlap patch or a hair bow.

Author: LivingSpaces

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