Ensuite Bathroom Renovation

There’s nothing like the luxury of having a master bedroom ensuite. It’s so easy and accessible to use, whether it’s on cold, crisp mornings, or when there are two of you, and the space needs to house “two” of everything. There is also nothing like having a master bedroom ensuite renovation designed by Paula Coffey, from The Plumber’s Wife in Arthur, On.

Our clients needed to update their “builder’s grade” ensuite not only up to the next level, but to bring it into the year 2018. “The wonderful thing about this project”, says Paula, “was the size of this couple’s bathroom. We had a lot of room to work with, and there was a lovely large window that we could take advantage of in order to highlight the overall design.”

When I use the term “builder’s grade” to describe the pre-renovation design, it’s not intended as a negative. The bathroom itself was well built and spacious, but the design didn’t work as well as it could, and of course, styles have changed so much since this home was built and there were aesthetic elements that no longer fit with this home’s overall style.

Paula explains, “The client wanted to maintain a bathtub as well as a full shower, so with the space we had it was easy to choose a location for both. As you can see, we positioned this gorgeous Maax Ella freestanding tub with Delta Dryden Roman Tub faucets finished in Venetian bronze, directly beneath the window. This is a two-person, luxury soaker tub, and it delivers an elegance to the space. For the new shower, we went with the “Two Function” shower model by Delta, featuring an 8” rainfall fixed shower head complete with a slide bar and hand-held shower head. The surround is finished with glass, trimmed out in the same bronze finish, which not only looks lovely, it also doesn’t interfere with the space and overall design in the room.” Beside the fact that the shower looks like it can fit more than two, it’s the details in the tiling on the shower walls and in the vinyl floor, all installed and supplied by Cover-Ups Arthur, that finish the overall design perfectly.

One of the many things I love about Paula’s designs is how she manages to create functionality, at the same time creating a beautiful look. And for this particular ensuite renovation, Paula does not disappoint. “The couple each needed their ‘own space’ within the space itself, so we decided to install two separate vanities, each 42 inches in size, and manufactured by Vanitec.” Paula positioned each vanity on either side of the soaker tub, which perfectly defines the area, and quite frankly, creates an absolutely stunning look. “The great thing about having two separate vanities” explains Paula, “is not only the increased storage factor, but the ease of movement within and around the room itself.” And let’s not forget the gorgeous look created by the Cambria quartz countertops installed on each vanity. Love it all!

Paula never fails to deliver when it comes to her designs, and her selection of finishes brings the entire look to the next level. Everything from the faucets, lighting, mirrors, towels, and most every other luxury bath item you would need, Paula’s beautiful showroom store has it in spades.

Whether you’re looking for a full renovation, or a small update to your existing tired bathroom, The Plumber’s Wife, located in downtown Arthur, ON, will have everything you need.

Written by: Kelli M. Maddocks | Photography: Cory Bruyea

Author: Living Spaces

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