Creating a Cohesive and Accessible Space

Tumber Landscape Design & Build is a landscape company founded in 1976. Since its beginning, Tumber has prided itself on uncompromising dedication to its craft and clients’ needs.

Recently they took on a project that allowed them to demonstrate their creativity while at the same time conceptualizing and constructing a space that met the needs and wants of their client. The property was an old, beautiful, Victorian farm with a large barn and old drive-shed that had been converted into a contemporary guest house.

The primary concern for this project was the lack of a cohesive and accessible space in which the guest house and main home could come together, also a steep slope between the two buildings posed drainage issues. The goal was to compensate for the slope and drainage in an effective manner while also creating a common area for both buildings where everyone could relax in the natural beauty of the surrounding country landscape. In just two short months this property had gone through a drastic transformation that delivered on all fronts and stayed true to the clients’ wishes of moving away from the property’s disjointed beginnings towards an integrated and usable space.

The two buildings that were at one time distinctly separate from each other now coexisted in harmony; held together by a main terrace off the guest house that flows effortlessly into the existing outdoor living area of the main house via a winding jumbo flagstone walkway.

The drainage concerns were remedied by grading as well as by the incorporation of a dry river bed crossed by a bridge alongside the guest house.

The entire essence of the design was pulled together at the fire pit terrace where the feeling of a private escape for all parties to enjoy is the most apparent. The finishing touches included berming, plant material and landscape boulders which were accentuated with colourful Muskoka chairs and painted wood cutoffs by the client, adding a personalized flair and style to the project.

This new and detailed terrain was a complete change from the unusable, unstructured grass area that existed before Tumber was given the opportunity to transform it into something beautiful. Gone was the directionless grassy scene and in its place a fully engaging vista that invited everyone to explore.

Tumber helped to alleviate the monotony of the everyday farm that once was and made it a place of natural vitality.

It is Tumber’s hope that when a client is in the early stages of planning or latter stages of garden maintenance, they think of them as a company they can reach out to and trust to bring out the full potential of the property.

They want to turn yesterday’s fantasy into today’s reality and allow nature to exist while adhering to the wishes of their clients. This leads to unique and visionary results that are not only pleasing to the client, but which assist the company in the expansion and growth of their own expertise.

This farmland getaway is the perfect example of why Tumber is a leader in its field and why all of their projects benefit from their individualized flare and talents in this fascinating industry.

Written by: Tala Jenkins

Author: Living Spaces

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