As the Saying Goes; “Your Home is Your Castle”

It comes as no surprise that people might wish to beautify the grounds of their special abode. Maybe you’ll see vine-covered pergolas functioning as portals to a backyard oasis filled with colourful and meticulously-kept gardens; a place where shutters and awnings compliment the landscape to create that perfect touch.

In this, the 21st century, the ancient practice of residential beautification can blend with cyber age technology in which the functional aspects of the exterior home décor can be brought to life by the touch of a button or a pre-programmed command.

Christine Eisses of Kamelyan Your Home Decor in Orangeville explains how modern awnings and indoor blinds can be accessorized to include wind and/or sun sensors which will automatically open, close and adjust themselves in accordance to the elements.

Automated operating schedules can respond to a remote control, or to voice commands with Alexa, Google or other communications options.

“All of them can be organized into groups and given names,” says Christine. “For example, a simple command called ‘Good Morning’ could open the blinds and the awning. “The exact opposite can be achieved at night with a ‘Good Night,’ which would close all the blinds and retract the awnings.”

If it is especially windy, sensors will respond by closing the awnings thereby preventing them from being damaged. A home’s interior will not be overheated by excessive sunlight beating against the glass, because the sensors will activate to counter this.

For an added aesthetic touch, Kamelyan can provide pergolas which can include bug screens as well as awnings. “Awnings and pergolas can be used to extend the indoors to the outdoors,” points out Christine. “We also sell outdoor blinds and outdoor drapes.”

When it comes to supplying products to accentuate a home’s appearance and make it more efficient, Kamelyan deals with established and reputable manufacturers whose brands can be found in millions of homes.

In other words, this is a proven technology. Kamelyan utilize awnings from Rolltec, which are sold under the Somfy name. Somfy motorization can be found in Kamelyan’s awnings and blinds. In addition, motors from Hunter-Douglas, another well-established manufacturer, can also be found in Kamelyan’s blinds.

As wellknown as these companies are on the worldwide stage, Kamelyan is an established and proven home solutions provider in the Dufferin and Caledon region and beyond. They are Dufferin-Caledon’s oldest family owned and operated decorating store. With experience comes knowledge of every customer’s needs and wants, as well as an understanding of the budgets involved, and how to best utilize the homeowner’s hard earned dollar.

“Everyone has a different budget and we believe they all deserve the same quality and service,” explains the company website. “We also feel that it is our job to make things as easy as possible and to offer as many services as necessary to accommodate that process.”

There is a relatively new term in residential vernacular, and that is “smart home.” It is a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices which can be controlled remotely by phone or computer.

Besides the magic of automation, there is a plethora of practical reasons to add awnings to your home.

For one thing, they are a centuries-old method of keeping the rain and the sun from hindering or overheating your outdoor activities. Besides being a sheltering device, awnings also contribute to the privacy factor; providing a barrier between yourselves and the possible prying eyes of neighbours.

As Kamelyan explains on its website, trees might provide the privacy you need, but sometimes they are not enough, “but a simple tweak of the curtains and/or blinds will have you covered, literally!”

As for exterior curtains and drapes flying away during a windy day, Kamelyan already has that taken care of, by installing weights to keep them in place.

Motorizing your awnings is also an energy saver, insofar as you save a lot of your own physical energy by not having to manually roll them out or in. The awnings can actually be electronically operated from as far away as 65 feet. State-of-the-art sensors automatically control your awning to maximize energy savings and protect your entire system.

As far as new technical accoutrements are concerned, there are tools at your disposal to add to the comfort and ambience of a twilight spent outdoors.

Yes, your home is your castle. With the control of your outdoor fixtures literally at your fingertips, or even at the tip of your tongue, you will truly be the lord and/or lady of all you survey.

Written by: Dan Pelton

Author: LivingSpaces

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