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You have plans to build your dream home. You want a home to share and entertain with family, friends, and loved ones, building memories, and enjoying life. You also need a home that requires some special attention to functionality, to meet the needs of everyone who lives and visits there. It requires an area dedicated to professional space that, while providing privacy, still flows with the entire design.

To meet the demands of this list, our clever homeowners needed to employ one of the best design / build firms out there, so naturally they chose Janssen Design and JDC Custom Homes and they would not be disappointed!

This feature home is simply amazing. Not only is it designed perfectly to meet the needs of this busy family, it’s been built and finished beautifully showcasing incredible craftsmanship, smart design features, and stunning finishes that make this home a dream come true, and yet so much more.

We were very excited to be able to sit down with Paul Janssen, owner and president at JDC Custom Homes, and find out how he and his team, along with a troop of skilled contractors, brought this project to life.

“For a project this size it was essential for our design team and our build team to work closely together. The clients had some specific requirements that needed to be considered from both of these aspects,” explains Paul. Janssen Design had created all of the architectural renderings and construction drawings, with the rendering process utilizing a 3D program allowing the client and the rest of the team to actually see what the finished product would look like.

Once this process was completed, the contractors and craftsman got to work. Rayburn Construction would be the first on site providing all of the excavation work, septic installation, and grading. A large undertaking considering the size of this home, but essential to the entire project.

Next comes the actual building of the structure. This is where JDC Custom Homes works with the drawings and renderings, and begins the build starting with the framework, the basic “skeleton” of the home. “Having an energy efficient home was a priority for these homeowners,” says Paul. “For the foundation and structure, we utilized both ‘Insulated Concrete Forms’ (ICF) and regular wall construction. For additional insulation and efficiency we used spray foam on the inside and foam boards on the outside of all the exterior walls.” Another energy efficient element incorporated into this design was all of the windows are triple-glazed with argon gas between the panes. These are the new standard for energy efficient homes, and while providing utility to the home itself, they are available in many different styles for the client to choose from.

Now that the framework was in place, and after a great team of trades did all their rough-ins, Big Boss Drywall arrived on the scene, as the interior of the home would now start to take shape. The drywall installation represented another large undertaking and one where time is essential to the project in order to allow several other finishing trades to begin their work. And as is the case with all of our contractors on this project, Big Boss Drywall did not disappoint!

The entryway to this stunning creation is open and airy, welcoming friends and family into the main areas of the home. It’s important to note as Paul takes us through the home, some of the excellent work- manship that you might not necessarily see, but is just as important as the elements you do see. A great example is from Arthurs Fuel who installed radiant heating in all of the floors throughout this home. This feature ties in to the sustainable living and energy efficiency elements of this build, and it also just happens to feel delightful on a cold winter’s morning!

Another major contribution from Arthurs Fuel was the installation of the main heating and air conditioning systems, and again the systems installed were aligned to the homeowner’s request for an energy efficient design and build, and Arthurs’ attention to detail matched that of the rest of the project.

As you move through the main floor, the open concept kitchen, family room, and sitting area are simply stunning. This space is finished complete with impressive floor to ceiling windows, elegant 12’ coffered ceilings and exquisite crown mouldings. The attention to detail makes it clear to see that our homeowners have good taste when it comes to decorating their dream home, right down to all of the paint choices throughout. Colour Your Life Painting was hired as the painter of choice to complete this project and the choices for each room are perfect in making these large rooms feel warm and comfortable.

Leading out from the kitchen area is a smaller living space, with an impressive fireplace, comfy couch, and television. The room is adjacent to the indoor swimming pool that is quite large, with room for family, friends, neighbors and anyone else wanting to take “the plunge”! Complete with comfortable loungers, who needs to go anywhere for vacation?

The homeowners have children, all of who have their own bedrooms with ensuite. Not only is this design feature extremely functional, it allows the kids their much needed privacy as they grow. Who wants to share a bathroom with their siblings right? Once again, the design for all of the bathrooms provides for both functionality and beautiful finishes.

However, it’s not just the kids our homeowners have thought of, as one of the floors has been designed as a dedicated space for guests. The guest bedrooms are located on the lower level, each of which has their own ensuite as well. This is a perfect way to provide a comfortable space when friends and family come to stay, but also allows everyone to enjoy some privacy and alone-time when needed. Burdette Glassworks supplied and installed all of the mirrors and shower glass for these gorgeous bathroom spaces. All the main floor bedrooms have luxurious ensuites and walk-in closets with floor to ceiling custom cabinetry.

Speaking of family and friends, this is truly a house for entertaining.

Want to watch a movie? There’s a 24-seat indoor theatre. This space is perfect for settling in with your favourite blanket, favourite food, and favourite people to watch of course, your favourite “flicks”. This room is like a “mini” version of an actual movie theatre, with luxurious comfortable seating, inviting you in to sit back, relax, and spend some time together.

Feel like you need a workout? There’s a fitness facility also located on the lower level. Our homeowners and the entire design team have thought of everything with this home. There are two small kitchenettes installed on this floor, so you have everything you need to spend some time while entertaining in this space, or simply so your guests can have a quiet morning coffee or juice before joining the rest of the gang for breakfast!

Some other incredible features of this home include; nine bathrooms, several gorgeous fireplaces, and a design to meet all accessibility requirements. “Smart home” technology, a high-tech system that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, has also been incorporated into this incredible design.

It’s impossible not to notice the extraordinary craftsmanship and detail in the trim-work throughout the home. It’s the fine details in this work that really take on artistic value, and something that JDC Custom Homes is very well known for. To complement the quality of the interior of the home, the exterior of this elegant home was finished with very impressive stone work by Rob Niezen Masonry.

This incredible home took 2 years to complete and it’s clear to see it was worth every single moment. Janssen Design and JDC Custom Homes have once again provided their client with a beautiful custom home, delivering nothing but the best in design, construction, and everything else that goes with making a homeowner’s dream come true.

Written by: Kelli M. Maddocks | Photography: Paul Spears

Author: LivingSpaces

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