A Hillside Haven

Tumber Landscape Design & Build is a landscape company that came to be in 1976 when the original owner found that he could couple his “pure love of horticulture” with landscape design and construction. As the company matured over the years it became a thriving full service business that focuses on “naturalized and mature environments” and thus provides a very unique, elegant and original approach to their projects, from start to finish.

One of their most notable successes would be the Hillside Haven. A project local to Elora, ON, that presented a unique set of design complications and opportunities. Tumber was faced with a new home in an estate subdivision with a steep ravine at its back, an ill-placed pre-existing deck, and a front entrance that would require a re-design to match the backyard vision. There was also the desire for a fire pit area to relax and entertain, and the need for accessibility and child safety. Most people would see a design nightmare, Tumber took it as an opportunity to rise to the occasion and exceed expectations.

To create the personal oasis, Tumber sat down with the client to create a plan for their paradise that suited all of their needs. The focus lay with effortlessly blending the design into its natural surroundings and incorporating natural stone and large, mature plant material, creating a beautiful transition with no distinct boundaries. When it was decided that a multi-tiered deck was the best course of action it allowed the design to frame key aspects of the space, guiding the eye to an area that awakens the curiosity to explore. Nothing in nature is uniform or consistent so an emphasis was placed on depth of field in order to pull all the elements together to create a harmonious and balanced space. Tumber wanted to achieve the feeling of being in your own secluded world, free of the stresses and concerns of everyday life. In suburban settings, you often have to deal with neighbours, traffic and various other interruptions; the key to a successful design was focusing on enclosure to create a sense of seclusion while still allowing for amenities.

At the end of this project, the space had completely transformed. The design was centred around the multi-level deck that was able to lend itself to many different uses. The top level was created to be the perfect place for a cookout with space to cook and entertain but was ingeniously coupled with glass panel railings that helped keep a visual on the organically shaped pool. The pool and surrounding terrace are the perfect place to indulge creature comforts, such as the outdoor movie screen and surround sound while still feeling like you were part of the natural beauty that was highlighted by the terraces, decks and stone staircases. The ultimate, all encompassing feel of this space was that of a secret garden, tailored to everything one could need while enjoying a staycation. Ultimately, when Tumber takes on a project, what they hope will come to mind is an experienced company with a unique and beautiful offering in the landscape and design industry. They hope that when a client is in the early stages of planning they think of Tumber as a company they can reach out to and trust to bring out the full potential of the property and make their dream come to fruition.

Written by: Tala Jenkins

Author: LivingSpaces

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