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What does 150 years get you? It could get you a lot of things, however in the case of John Thomson and Son Furniture in Fergus, it gets you a local family run business with 150 years of experience to ensure that they are getting you what you need efficiently and with the best quality possible. These days with the rise of ‘box store’ service there has been a loss of the ‘personal touch’ when it comes to sales. Even if you are speaking to a sales associate, it’s difficult to really put a face to the company; which means that, at the end of the day, it’s difficult to hold someone accountable when things go wrong – so then no one seems to care if it does or not.

Not so with John Thomson and Son Furniture; as was so often the practice with naming in 1872 when they first opened, their name is on the building – quite literally. Current owner Neil Johnston might not have the same last name any longer due to marriage on his mother’s side, but he is still John Thomson Sr’s Great Great Grandson, having taken over from his 2nd cousin, Mary Thomson, who took over from her father, Will Thomson, who took over from his father, John Thomson Jr, who if you’re still following me is, of course, the original son of founder John Thomson Sr. While this little genealogy game has been fun, the real importance of it is that it shows John Thomson and Son Furniture has built a reputation in Fergus and beyond, around their family name, meaning that it’s personal to them. They take pride in what they do (providing quality Canadian made furniture to their community), and that puts the ‘personal’ right back into it! When there is a history and a name on the line you begin to understand what matters – and that of course is the people.

One way in particular that John Thomson and Son Furniture does this is by offering private appointments to their customers, enabling them to give their undivided attention ensuring optimal, personal service. To get an appointment, available 10:30 to 11:30am on any of the days that they are already open, you simply need to contact the store ahead of time, either through their website or by calling in. Once contacted, they will be happy to serve you however they are able, and will answer any questions that you have. One of their biggest tips for people looking for new furniture is to do your research first; there are many resources on their website, enabling you to both see what they have for sale, and give you information on it ahead of time, but an appointment can ensure that you’ll have the time and space that you need to ask those questions, and obtain the information that you need to make the right decision for you.

Even then, you might still be asking why should you book an appointment; after all, John Thomson and Son is open Monday through Saturday, 12:00 to 7:00pm, as well as staying open an extra hour (until 8:00pm) on Fridays. Why can’t you come in at any of those times and have their staff help you? The answer is that you can and you would certainly still get fantastic, personal, service if you did. With an appointment, however, you can really take the time to see their sales floor, ask your questions and build that one-on-one relationship without the hustle and bustle distraction of a busy store during peak hours. It most certainly isn’t the only way to get superior and personal customer service, but it is just one of the many ways that John Thomson and Son try to put their customers first.

Another feature of their ‘personal touch’ is their full after service care. At John Thomson and Son Furniture they know that a large purchase like furniture shouldn’t be the end of the story when the money has been handed over. They offer free delivery and set up of anything that you buy from them. More over, they’re also happy to remove any old furniture that you might be replacing with this purchase. John Thomson and Son wants to do every thing they can to make your shopping experience truly hassle free.

The motto at John Thomson and Son Furniture, likely passed down through 150 years and 5 generations, in spirit if not in actual words, is simple: “be a man or woman of your word, deliver more than you promised and you will always be successful in business.” When you look back at the way they have run their business, from 1872 to this very day, I think it’s safe to say that they have the right idea.


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