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Holiday Wreath

instructions, supply list and youtube video to make this Christmas wreath

Peppermint Tree

Instructions to create fun Peppermint Christmas trees to compliment your holiday decor!

Fall Table Centrepiece

Supply list and directions to create a Fall table centerpiece.

Quick & Easy Centerpiece for Easter

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: VaseDifferent sized plastic Easter...

Fish Bowl Santa Claus

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Artificial snow2 Fish bowlsMini village...

Wood Wreath Snowman

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 2 Wood wreaths (or grapevine wreaths)White spray...

Autumn Craft: Candles

What you will need: 3 different sized vases3 candlesDried black-eyed...

Wonderfully Warm & Cozy Mulled Drinks

Ingredients and directions to make some wonderfully warm and cozy mulled drinks.

An Elevated Pizza Experience

It’s more than just about the food; it’s about what the food has to offer you. It’s the experience of enjoying dining again that draws so many to The Craft Pizza Bar & Italian Kitchen. So, when you’re ready to branch out and try something different, you know where to find it.

Classic Holiday Cookie Recipes

Ingredients and directions for Christmas cookies.

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

In the ingredients it should say
1 CUP pumpkin puree (not 1 tsp)
We apologize for any confusion.

Creamy Mushroom Chicken

Ingredients and directions to make creamy mushroom chicken.

Charred Anaheims with Herbed Ricotta

Directions and ingredients to create charred anaheims with berbed ricotta.

Boozy Smoothies

Directions and ingredients to make 3 boozy smoothies.

Ask the Health Expert: Thymus & Adaptive Immunity

These days it is obvious that the strength and health of our immune system is of primary importance. When our immune system is suppressed or not functioning properly, we are less able to defend ourselves against the onslaught of infections, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and toxins that assail us every day.

Ask the Beauty Expert: Mistakes to Avoid with Skin Care

In the world of skin care there is no lack of advice as to what you MUST do.  Quite often this is disguised within advertising. Between recommendations for the latest trendy product and suggestions from family and friends, there is a long list of what needs to be done to achieve flawless skin. 

You Never Finish Learning

The true beauty of education, however runs deeper – because although education means you’re investing in yourself (to invest in your clients), it also means that you’re never entirely on your own. Whether you’re pursuing further degree programs, utilizing online tutorials or working with a larger company, you are creating a network of resources that you can refer back to whenever you need.

Ask the Health Expert: Frequencies & The Body

In human studies when a participant listened to the “miracle note” or the “love” frequency, {528Hz} frequency levels of cortisol significantly decreased! The energy of the earth vibrates at this same frequency.

It is believed the body is in harmony when vibrating at 65-75Hz. We are actually generating electromagnetic energy even when still.

Ask the Beauty Expert: Common Skin Problems And How To Address Them

There are many skin care experts out there who can assess your skin and make recommendations. It is always economical and time efficient to talk to a professional for their advice instead of going to various counters with pretty labels and making a guess.

The first Salon Suite in Ontario … it’s the SUITEst in town!

SUITE SIX Beauty Supply & Salon Suite Rentals is the premier destination for beauty supply and industry needs in Dufferin County. Located in the heart of Orangeville’s historic downtown core at 172 Broadway, they are open to both the public and to beauty professionals, and they have quickly earned their reputation for being an innovative, industry leading member of the local business community.

Ask the Health Expert: Oxidative Stress

Oxidative Stress is caused by the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants when the body is unable to produce enough glutathione and other endogenous antioxidants to cope with raised levels of free radicals due to stress toxins and pollutants.

Twenty Years & Counting: The Misty Meadows Market Story

Twenty years is a long time. It’s enough time for a reputable organization to build a solid reputation, or for a new born baby to grow into a fully grown adult. Heck, for many animals, twenty years is most, if not all, of their life span.

Big Country with a “Big House” History: Kingston Peniteniary

It’s all in the names. When first entering Kingston Penitentiary along King Street West, one enters through the north gate; a true testament to British and Crown authority dating from 1833. You can feel the overwhelming weight of history in all eleven and a half acres of the prison; the vast significance of the structure looking down on you from ten-metre-high solid limestone walls (complete with guard towers once housing 24-hour sentries armed with rifles).

Serving You Fresh & Local

“Shop Local” has become a bit of a slogan as of late. At the height of the pandemic, when so many businesses were struggling to keep their doors open, shopping local was something that we could all do in order to feel we had some control over our lives, during a time when we had very little control over anything.

1960 MG-A Roadster – Mark Bates’ Latest Pride And Joy

One could say that when it comes to Classic Car collector Mark Bates, the word boring has never existed during his lifetime, be it work or pleasure. His ‘not so boring’ 1960 MG-A Roadster, is just the latest of a few ‘nice rides’ that Mark has been fortunate to own over the years and is a vehicle that he bought in Georgia and I might add, sight unseen.

Your One Stop Winter Supply Shop

Whether we like it or not, winter is coming. Let’s be real, George R. R. Martin 100% stole this phrase from Canada. No matter how nice a summer we have or how long fall seems to last, winter will always be waiting around the corner, eager to dig its frosty claws into us for a four-month minimum. However, as Canadians we’ve also learned that winter isn’t so bad – so long as you know how to handle it.

Paw-sitive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement can come in all forms, from the simple positive or encouraging words and pats, to the more tradition and physical like treats or time with a beloved toy.

Windrush: your local world class winery

Today, with the “new normal”, wines from Windrush Estate Winery are offered in sixty restaurants! Locally, you can enjoy them in establishments like Mrs. Mitchell’s, Taste of Freedom, Millcroft Inn & Spa, Mono Cliffs Inn, Wine Spot, Beyond the Gate, Chez Michel, TIMO, Gourmandissimmo and The Vista restaurant at Mount Alverno Luxury Resorts, to mention a few.

Christmas Corner

We thought this would be the perfect time to let our readers know about this hidden gem as the holiday season approaches. Wendy’s shop has something for everyone and for every budget. The most interesting thing is that the retail space has items that you would never find anywhere else.

Everything Old

Premier Home Upgrades Inc. is a family owned and operated construction company, providing high-end kitchen and bathroom remodels throughout Southern Ontario since 2011. Specializing in custom carpentry and millwork, they offer expert installation, as well as quality craftmanship and attention to detail from the initial planning stages right through to the finishing touches.

150 Years of Personal

What does 150 years get you? It could get you a lot of things, however in the case of John Thomson and Son Furniture in Fergus, it gets you a local family run business with 150 years of experience to ensure that they are getting you what you need efficiently and with the best quality possible.

J-M Building Contractors: Continuing to Provide Professional Designs and Builds to Their Customer’s Satisfaction

Located in Alma, Ontario, J-M Building Contractors has continued to offer quality workmanship, whatever the project, since 2015. Headed by John Horst, the company provides a wide range of customized construction products, all completed to the highest of standards and to the customers approval.

Oh Christmas Tree!

Like most of our holiday traditions which originated in other places and times, the Christmas tree stands out as the most universal symbol this time of year, and has been adopted into many cultures.

Colour Your Home

Light and colour affect your mood; so much so that there is a whole school of psychology related to it. Bright vibrant colours can be energizing, though too much can also be overstimulating, not necessarily making it the right tone for a room you spend a lot of time in. Rich warm colours, on the other hand, can be comforting, but also heavy perhaps bringing down the tone of the space.

Drywalling … Not So Easy

Dufferin Drywall & Contracting is one of the few companies in Dufferin that specialize in drywall installation. At only 24, Mono resident Adam Teeter is the owner of Dufferin Drywall & Contracting, a company with one employee and a heavy workload.

Mack’s Park

Located in the heart of the Niagara Escarpment, the Belfountain Conservation Area (also known affectionately as “Mack’s Park”) sits on the eastern edge of the cozy hamlet of Belfountain and the Park and was designated by the Town of Caledon as a heritage property in December 2020.

Broadway Revised

Sepia-toned photographs taken in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries of Orangeville’s bustling downtown street of Broadway convey an image of a lively, picturesque street comprised of grand facades, second story balconies, expansive windows, and decorative wood pieces.

Starting Off on a Solid Foundation

Farmer turned contractor Brett Allen has also cultivated a familiarity with the different and varying soil conditions throughout Wellington County.
That awareness is very useful in his role as the co-owner and hands/on operator of Postech Wellington. His partner Graham Wilkin purchased the franchise four years ago and then asked him to be a partner.

Picture Perfect Porches

Porches were once a standard element on many Canadian homes because they enabled the occupants to enjoy sitting outdoors, while fully protected from the elements.
Now they are making a comeback of sorts; not that they ever entirely disappeared but there has been a revival and a renewed interest in this architectural and artistic feature on century homes in the Orangeville area.

The Balancing Act: Caring for Your Pool Properly

Despite the fact that we spend half of our year covered in ice and snow, we Canadians, on average, still hold that deep desire to cut loose, and lounge beside our own personal pool side, free of charge, once summer hits.

A Strong Family Makes for a Strong Business

Three generations and three decades built on high standards, quality products, knowledgeable staff, and a “customer first” philosophy, is what the Niezen family is all about. This year the family is celebrating over 17 years since they opened the doors of their Guelph, ON location, Guelph Building Supply.

Help From The Pool Professionals

People have pools installed on their property for several reasons; not the...

Cruising the South-Eastern Fringe of Alaska

Going by ship is an idyllic and privileged way to experience the seclusion found in these mountainous forests on the edge of Canada’s north-west. Our voyage starts from Vancouver, traveling north, behind thousands of densely wooded islands, mostly protected from the ocean, along a decisive inland channel aptly named the Inside Passage.

Autumn in Cottage Country

The promised cycle of life encourages my enthusiasm for next year’s adventures.  Plans aside, I’m just going to get my sandals, grab my paddle and journey out by canoe, preparing with clothing adjustments, taking along a light jacket. 

Carefree Days on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

I always feel at peace here, whether I’m driving winding roads, walking meandering pathways, or strolling along a deserted beach.  There’s a freedom in the marine air and it gets me thinking about our next fresh salmon dinner.

Big Sky Adventures of Solitude and Awe at Supernatural Killbear

Killbear is a unique area of extreme contrasts, combining freshwater activities and wooded pathways with camping, affording friends and family a gathering place for outdoor adventures amidst spectacular geographical surroundings.

Island Time

Island Time: It’s the phrase you see proclaimed all over Manitoulin Island.
And “Spirit Island” as it truly was to us too, really did magically transport us quickly to island time!

Fringing Vancouver Island’s south-west coast, Sooke to Juan de Fuca’s Botanical Beach

There’s an allure of standing beside the open sea, its power stirs a breadth of emotion as the relentless winds clear the clutter of worried thoughts that shape my demeanor.

The “Other” Niagara

Usually when we think of Niagara, we think of the Falls and its major tourist attractions. Yet there are a whole many more layers, so many in fact that even locals have not found them all yet! This article does not even touch the surface of what there is to do in Niagara. Further exploration awaits, no matter what your interest!